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Learning with Big Data: The Future of Education

Learning with Big Data: The Future of Education offers real-world examples of how educators are using data to improve learning.


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  • A new generation of digital breakthroughs holds the potential to deliver important social benefits, but only if we adopt technology in a different way.

    By Sara Agarwal & Parag Khanna
  • Matthew_Scharpnick_Elefint_Design A growing body of knowledge is leading to happier teams and better choices.

    By Matthew Scharpnick | 3
  • A new partnership model leverages the world’s largest interconnected industry to help break cycles of poverty.

    By Matthew Bauer | 12
  • The shift in consumer expectations and information-seeking behavior is demanding a response from social sector organizations.

    By Peter Manzo | 2
  • Recent experience with government-convened hackathons has generated insights into the methods and instruments used to design effective mass collaboration efforts.

    By Elizabeth Walker, Ryan Siegel, Todd Khozein, Nick Skytland, Ali Llewellyn, Thea Aldrich, & Michael Brennan
  • How organizations can begin transforming monitoring and evaluation efforts to support the ever-growing demand for measurable impact, using cloud-based tools.

    By William A. Brindley
  • For mobile money services to evolve, providers need to support all the activities that go on before, during, and after customers make payments.

    By Ignacio Mas
  • The role of emerging technologies in traditionally “high-touch” development organizations—insights from BRAC’s recent Frugal Innovation Forum.

    By Maria A. May
  • The launch of the new Autodesk Foundation marks another catalytic moment for the social sector.

    By John Cary | 4
  • Robert_Fabriquant A collaborative approach to empowering community health workers drives innovation.

    By Robert Fabricant, David Milestone, & Claire Qureshi


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