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Alignment Is Not a Luxury

To pursue its environmental mission, Tiffany & Co. balances corporate leadership with traditional philanthropic grantmaking.


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  • Social sector brands are more than logos on annual reports; they are tools to drive impact.

    By Grant Tudor | 3
  • Even with the best intentions and emerging tools, the current investment framework makes it difficult to match investment portfolios to values.

    By Clara Miller & Toni Johnson | 1
  • B Corps have an opportunity to dramatically increase their social and environmental performance by upgrading their internal management practices.

    By Ryan Honeyman | 4
  • Jeffrey_Hollender_headshot_SSIR_Sustain Business efforts must become more sustainable and responsible to turn the tide on social inequity and environmental decay. Net positive is a…

    By Jeffrey Hollender | 1
  • A look at how investment firms, B Corporations, and other businesses are committing to social and environmental change.

    By Georgia Levenson Keohane | 2
  • moonridge_group_anna_auerbach_headshot Engaging customers in corporate philanthropy has significant bottom-line potential, but even big brands have struggled with doing it well. Is…

    By Anna Pikovsky Auerbach
  • Leading by example through individual and institutional commitments to fossil fuel divestment.

    By Michael Simpson | 1
  • Building purpose-driven organizations through engaging the power of the collective.

    By Gabriela Gandel & Tatiana Glad | 3
  • A look at proposed changes to the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguard policies, and where to set the bar on managing risk.

    By Colin Scott | 3
  • How an early-stage impact funder and start-up social business in Arusha, Tanzania, struck a deal to get things started and create an…

    By Joris de Vries & Morgan Potter


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