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  • There is a lot of untapped potential in would-be entrepreneurs in developing countries. But they can’t afford to “fail fast, fail often.”

    By Susannah Hares | 1
  • As the field of social entrepreneurship expands, it’s critical that we break down “the fourth wall” between the serving and the served.

    By Courtney E. Martin | 4
  • There are important lessons to be learned from social enterprises that have failed—an introduction to the spring 2015 issue.

    By Eric Nee | 2
  • One of the major scourges on human development is desperately waiting for social entrepreneurship to tackle it, and the time is now.

    By Dieter Zinnbauer | 1
  • Getting social entrepreneurs in Arab countries to take bigger risks in financing for scale may require that they put more skin in the game.

    By Teresa Chahine & Zeina Farhat | 1
  • The fastest way forward may be to slow down.

    By Michel Bachmann & Roshan Paul | 8
  • Are startup accelerators the future for women and girls?

    By Katie Drasser & Vanessa Valenti
  • New research reveals a large gap between the world of organized philanthropy and today’s world of social action.

    By Marina Gorbis | 1
  • How we manage ourselves and empathize with others are as important as professional management skills in creating social impact.

    By Geraldine Hepp & Roshan Paul | 3
  • amani_institute_roshan_paul_headshot A new book makes an important contribution to a field screaming out for diversity—but may also illustrate why there isn’t more diversity.

    By Roshan Paul | 5


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