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Rapid advances in technology are changing philanthropy in fundamental ways—making it potentially more rational, effective, collaborative, transparent, and democratic.


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  • How one organization took advantage of a major transition to move away from third-party vendors and build an in-house communications team.

    By Melissa Skolfield | 8
  • Why general funding for nonprofit organizations is the future of innovation.

    By Jocelyn Wyatt | 7
  • Reflecting on the strategies and achievements of Blue Ridge Foundation New York as it transitions leadership and enters a new stage.

    By Georgia Levenson Keohane | 2
  • A conversation with communications expert Jonah Berger on how to build support for ideas and gain momentum on social change.

    By Sean Gibbons | 1
  • As the nature, frequency, and scale of disasters grows, the philanthropic sector needs to shift its focus to preparedness through a shared…

    By Dara Major, Betsy Dubovsky, & Brian Byrd
  • A funder-to-funder take on how to create breakthrough social change.

    By Paul Shoemaker | 83
  • A new grantmaking strategy is engaging nonprofit organizations in communities of learning to maximize impact.

    By Julie Lata | 4
  • Investing in communication—whether you’re selling soda or social change—yields results.

    By Sean Gibbons | 4
  • Community foundations are seeing growing activity in building community wealth.

    By Marjorie Kelly | 1
  • moonridge_group_anna_auerbach_headshot Building a culture of philanthropy is important, but it is critical to ensure that philanthropic participation is diverse and representative.

    By Anna Pikovsky Auerbach | 1


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  • Give Directly offers a simpler, more personal route of donation - connecting donor to recipient. In this podcast, Paul discusses how technology, a commitment to efficiency, and dedication to improving the donation process on both ends, has made Give Directly a success.

    Featuring Paul Niehaus
  • Executive Director of the Jaquelin Hume Foundation Gisèle Huff on the role of social innovation in nonprofits. Jaquelin Hume Foundation Executive Director Gisele Huff talks about the foundation's investment strategy, and why innovation and technology initiatives are significant.

    Featuring Gisele Huff
  • Jennifer Lynn Aaker on social responsibility in daily life Jennifer Lynn Aaker discusses a repeatable method that we can follow to get people to take action, but perhaps even more important, to influence people to get others to take action as well.

    Featuring Jennifer Lynn Aaker
  • U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Chairman of the House Committee on Education George Miller, address the NewSchools Summit 2010.

    Featuring Arne Duncan and George Miller


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