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The Promise of Lean Experimentation

By adopting a model from business, nonprofit organizations can launch, test, and implement new programs and services more efficiently. Includes magazine extras.


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  • Social sector brands are more than logos on annual reports; they are tools to drive impact.

    By Grant Tudor | 3
  • Lessons from two Nigerian firms and how nonprofits can help.

    By Kenneth Amaeshi, Tazeeb Rajwani, & Emmanuel Adegbite
  • Three ways to create an environment where interdependent stakeholders can perform their individual roles optimally and collaborate with each…

    By Neera Nundy & Ann Paisley Chandler | 14
  • If we want the nonprofit sector to innovate, we need to acknowledge the gender gap between nonprofits and the private sector.

    By Kristen Joiner | 9
  • Jeff_Cohen_SSIR_headshot_FSG Three principles for solving complex, systemic problems like improving community health.

    By Jeff Cohen
  • As the momentum of impact investing builds, the lack of proper taxonomy poses a significant risk to the movement, especially given recent growth.

    By Paula Goldman & Lauren Booker | 2
  • To achieve greater impact, membership and advocacy organizations must find new ways to measure engagement.

    By Michael Silberman & Jackie Mahendra | 2
  • Matthew_Scharpnick_Elefint_Design Why a recent exposé on Red Cross failures in Haiti highlights unrealistic expectations for social sector organizations.

    By Matthew Scharpnick | 10
  • Ken_Davenport_SSIR_headshot_Mission_Edge The nonprofit funding process lacks transparency and fosters insecurity—and only funders can fix it.

    By Ken Davenport | 5
  • Margaret_Hawthorne_SSIR_headshot_Camden_Coalition_Healthcare_Providers Four practices that can help people establish common intent; sense emerging needs and solutions; and collectively prototype, create, and…

    By Margaret A. Hawthorne


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  • What nonprofits can do to maximize their influence on Twitter and through social media in general.

    Featuring Caroline Barlerin & Sammie Rayner
  • Give Directly offers a simpler, more personal route of donation - connecting donor to recipient. In this podcast, Paul discusses how technology, a commitment to efficiency, and dedication to improving the donation process on both ends, has made Give Directly a success.

    Featuring Paul Niehaus | 1
  • In this podcast, Professor Sutton overviews his findings in studying methods for successfully scaling excellence and explains the importance of taking a logical and thought out approach to scaling.

    Featuring Robert Sutton
  • ENOVA was recently recognized as the winner of Tech Awards 2013 in the Education category for its incredible social impact.

    Featuring Jorge Camil Starr | 2
  • Kreger describes how Potential Energy, winner of Tech Awards 2013 in the Economic Empowerment category, innovatively tackles social issues as a nonprofit venture.

    Featuring Michelle Kreger
  • Traditional tools for evaluation and measurement fail to take into account the complexity of an interconnected and digitized world.

    Featuring Kathy Brennan, Patricia Bowie, & Lucy Bernholz
  • Three evolving approaches to evaluation in social enterprise could change its use in a significant way.

    Featuring Hallie Preskill
  • In this panel discussion, experts address how the social sector must ask the right questions when developing metrics.

    Featuring Lisbeth Schorr, Fay Twersky, & Alicia Grunow
  • Ned Breslin and Jacob Lief discuss funding for long-term impact in the current philanthropic system.

    Featuring Jacob Lief & Ned Breslin
  • How do we prevent collaboration from sweeping through nonprofits as a passing fad?

    Featuring Willa Seldon, Carolyn Nelson, & Stephanie Couch | 1


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