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Essential Mindset Shifts for Collective Impact

To be effective, collective impact must consider who is engaged, how they work together, and how progress happens.


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  • Mission creep is a pervasive and extremely debilitating problem that afflicts all too many nonprofit organizations. Some experts believe it is the number-one reason why nonprofits fail to achieve the impact for beneficiaries that they desire. Yet mission creep is easily preventable…

    Kim Starkey Jonker, William F. Meehan III, & Sakena Yacoobi
  • Many—and some leaders believe most—nonprofit boards are ineffective. Much is at stake. Weak board governance can diminish a nonprofit’s social impact, cause it to founder, and even die. But any board can improve its performance if its members are willing to confront…

    Kim Starkey Jonker, William F. Meehan III, & Kathy Spahn
  • How to identify and develop a funding model that will allow your organization to achieve its programmatic aspirations.

    Peter Kim and Gihani Fernando
  • How your organization can bridge the gaps between goals, incentives, and processes when it comes to organizational learning.

    Katie Smith Milway and Ann Goggins Gregory
  • What social entrepreneurs need to consider before choosing an attorney.

    Jim Fruchterman
  • Large-scale social change comes from better cross-sector coordination rather than from the isolated intervention of individual organizations.

  • The dynamics of the vicious cycle of cutting overhead costs.

    the Bridgespan Group
  • Practical how-tos for nonprofit leaders considering partnering with other nonprofits.

    David La Piana, President, La Piana Consulting
  • Principles nonprofit leaders can use to help them achieve their organization’s long-term fundraising goals.

    William Foster, Partner, Bridgespan Group