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Shaping Global Partnerships for a Post-2015 World

The principles of collective impact offer important lessons for architects of global collaborative efforts.


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  • Human capital is the most valuable asset in the social sector. Discover how nonprofits can create a recruiting framework and demonstrate organizational value to employees.

    Featuring Sal Giambanco
  • Akaya_Windwood_Rockwood_Leadership_Institute Rockwood Leadership Institute president Akaya Windwood discusses how we can get movements and sectors to work together to advance the common good.

    Featuring Akaya Windwood
  • Tina_Seelig_Stanford_Technology_Ventures_Program_SSIR_headshot Stanford Professor Tina Seelig discusses how to unlock creative genius through a set of tools and conditions we each have in our control—our “innovation engine.”

    Featuring Tina Seelig
  • Nathalie_Kylander_Hauser_Center_Nonprofit_Organizations Harvard researcher Nathalie Kylander challenges traditional branding principles and proposes a new framework for developing a more strategic brand.

    Featuring Nathalie Kylander
  • What is a “social economy” and how is it affecting leaders in nonprofit management?

    Featuring Lucy Bernholz & Rob Reich
  • Heather_McLeod_Grant A look at successful strategies of high-impact nonprofits, and how small and local nonprofits can leverage them.

    Featuring Heather McLeod Grant
  • Beth_Kanter_social_network_mapping_ssir Social media guru Beth Kanter discusses how nonprofits can utilize their professional networks to develop a “network mindset.”

    Featuring Beth Kanter
  • In this audio interview, Sheela Sethuraman talks with Laura Stachel and Hal Aronson, co-founders of WE CARE Solar, about their effort to combat this issue worldwide. WE CARE stands for Women’s Emergency Communication and Reliable Electricity.

    Featuring Laura Stachel & Hal Aronson
  • Dean_Jansen_SSIR_Co-Founder_Universal_Subtitles What happens when you leverage the power of internet volunteerism in much the same way as Wikipedia, but with the intention of translating and subtitling videos?

    Featuring Dean Jansen
  • Melissa_Bradley_headshot How can partnerships help the nonprofit sector navigate legislative hurdles, new leadership, and antiquated business models?

    Featuring Melissa Bradley


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