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Leveling the Internship Field

In Boston, a new program will give low-income college students an alternative to toiling as unpaid interns.


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  • To create lifelong global leaders, organizations need to help young people practice resiliency, reflection, and vulnerability.

    By Barbara Bush & Emily Moore
  • Five steps to building and leveraging the engine that fuels national conversation: influence.

    By Judith Rodin & Neill Coleman | 3
  • Why general funding for nonprofit organizations is the future of innovation.

    By Jocelyn Wyatt | 7
  • Nonprofits in the United States are making a revolutionary change in how they approach solutions to poverty.

    By Michael Jindra & Ines W. Jindra | 8
  • Donors and nonprofits need to learn more about how to help program participants keep progressing after the support ends.

    By Jindra Cekan | 17
  • How to give voice to public support—seven lessons from ONE Campaign.

    By Jamie Drummond & Roxane Philson | 3
  • Matthew_Forti_Bridgespan_Group_One_Acre_Fund_SSIR Why mission-driven organizations need a more nuanced understanding of why and how impact may fluctuate over time.

  • Two steps nonprofits can take to develop up-and-coming leaders day-to-day. Part of the Talent Matters series.

    By Preeta Nayak | 1
  • Why nonprofits and funders need to put networks of relationships, instead of transactions and grants, at the core of organizational strategies.

    By Charlie Brown | 8
  • Community-based leadership programs can help organizational leaders develop systems leadership skills.

    By Chris Thompson, Mark Scheffler, & Marcy Levy Shankman | 7


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  • Give Directly offers a simpler, more personal route of donation - connecting donor to recipient. In this podcast, Paul discusses how technology, a commitment to efficiency, and dedication to improving the donation process on both ends, has made Give Directly a success.

    Featuring Paul Niehaus
  • In this podcast, Professor Sutton overviews his findings in studying methods for successfully scaling excellence and explains the importance of taking a logical and thought out approach to scaling.

    Featuring Robert Sutton
  • Kreger describes how Potential Energy, winner of Tech Awards 2013 in the Economic Empowerment category, innovatively tackles social issues as a nonprofit venture.

    Featuring Michelle Kreger
  • Traditional tools for evaluation and measurement fail to take into account the complexity of an interconnected and digitized world.

    Featuring Kathy Brennan, Patricia Bowie, & Lucy Bernholz
  • Three evolving approaches to evaluation in social enterprise could change its use in a significant way.

    Featuring Hallie Preskill
  • In this panel discussion, experts address how the social sector must ask the right questions when developing metrics.

    Featuring Lisbeth Schorr, Fay Twersky, & Alicia Grunow
  • How do we prevent collaboration from sweeping through nonprofits as a passing fad?

    Featuring Willa Seldon, Carolyn Nelson, & Stephanie Couch | 1
  • Personal connections and influence can be crucial in garnering support for an organization’s cause.

    Featuring Julie Dixon
  • Technology can enable micro-contributions that allow individuals to accomplish difficult tasks in place of institutional approaches.

    Featuring Marina Gorbis
  • From the 2013 Nonprofit Management Institute, Kenyon explains how the intersection of mobile, social, and technology is changing nonprofits.

    Featuring John Kenyon


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