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Measuring and Improving Social Impacts: A Guide for Nonprofits, Companies, and Impact Investors

Measuring Social Impacts outlines a five-step method for figuring out which impacts matter and how to measure them.


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  • A new approach to unlocking institutional investments globally.

    By Gabriel A. Huppé
  • More foundations are deploying a full range of financial investment vehicles to yield positive social and financial returns, and using new tools to track impact data.

    By Clara Miller & Jean Rogers
  • To build a thriving social enterprise sector, we need to rethink the purpose of capital and employ a new strategic funding approach.

    By Don Shaffer | 6
  • A look at impact investor and capacity development provider measurement practices, and some innovative new approaches to metrics.

    By Genevieve Edens & Saurabh Lall | 2
  • A new report explains how the financial services industry can better harness impact investing to serve client demand.

    By William Burckart | 1
  • SSIR blogger Abigail Noble is head of Africa and Latin America for the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and a Global Leadership Fellow with the World Economic Forum. To bring impact investing into the mainstream, the World Economic Forum is using market-simulated games to advance the conversations.

    By Abigail Noble & Michael Drexler | 1
  • Two new case studies reveal practical lessons about successful philanthropic impact investing.

    By Cathy Clark, Jed Emerson, & Ben Thornley | 2
  • Does the hype around “pay for performance” financing match the reality?

    By John Anner | 1
  • Student-lending innovations from emerging markets could expand access to education.

    By Maryanna Abdo, Svava Bjarnason, & Ashwin Assomull | 1
  • A brief history of investing that advances environmental and social concerns, and why impact investors and sustainable investors should look to what they have in common, not how they differ.

    By Jed Emerson & Lisa Woll | 3


All Impact Investing Podcasts
  • Melissa_Bradley_headshot How can partnerships help the nonprofit sector navigate legislative hurdles, new leadership, and antiquated business models?

    Featuring Melissa Bradley
  •  Thomas Barry, founder of the Zephyr Management investment firm, on opportunities for social enterprise in Africa. Thomas Barry, founder of the Zephyr Management investment firm, discusses widespread opportunities for private equity investment in Africa.

    Featuring Thomas Barry
  • Thomas Gibian, Chairman of Emerging Capital Partners on socially responsible companies and investments in Africa. Thomas Gibian, Chairman of Emerging Capital Partners, discusses the success of his organization in investing in companies across the African continent through seven funds.

    Featuring Thomas Gibian | 1


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  • Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are among the newest and most promising innovations within the impact investing space. Four years after the first SIB launched in the U.K., the US market is now gaining traction. At the federal level, President Obama’s FY 2015…

    Tracy Palandjian & Sam Schaeffer
  • Discussing how to implement the collective impact model and and stories of collective impact success.

    John Kania, Kat Allen & Marc Van Ameringen