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Innovations that address global challenges such as education, environment, and health


Time for the Plural Sector

To create a healthy society the plural sector needs to take its rightful place alongside the private and public sectors.


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  • SSIR_Time_Bank_Solution_clock For decades, time banking has been a relatively small-scale movement. But signs are emerging that it may be an idea whose time has come.

  • crisis_tech_whats_next Listening closely to users has enabled developers to create digital tools that support responses to the recent Ebola outbreak.

  • whats_next_fighting_corruption_car_thumb A group in Lebanon deploys a wide range of methods—from mobile apps to street theater—to thwart bribe-taking by officials.

  • A combination of fresh funding and e-book technology will enable publishers to give new life to out-of-print scholarly works.

  • Sama Group, a social enterprise that connects disadvantaged people with digital work, is expanding its reach to the United States.

  • Technical ingenuity and private funding enable Akshaya Patra to serve hot, healthy lunches to 1.4 million Indian children every day.

  • A social enterprise called In Every Story brings better pay—and a spirit of empathy—to a highly marginalized workforce.

    By Derek Snook | 3
  • A school-based collective impact project in West Dallas, Texas, is yielding lessons on how to compile and use big data.

  • Spontaneous protest activity—a vital part of many social movements—can arise from a variety of conditions

  • Market structures have a complex but discernible effect on people’s willingness to buy socially responsible products.

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  • More than a billion people worldwide still lack electricity and the opportunity it can bring. But access is now more possible than ever.

    By Richard Dobbs, James Manyika, & Jonathan Woetzel
  • Models that tie pedagogy to business have the potential to provide revenue to help fund education and practical business exposure for students.

    By Paul Clyde
  • Caroline_Fiennes_Giving_Evidence_SSIR_headshot A flawed study on deworming children—and new studies that expose its errors—reveal why activists and philanthropists alike need safeguards.

    By Caroline Fiennes | 4
  • Building relationships with grassroots organizations that advocate for human rights-based development takes time, but without investing in…

    By Daniel Moss
  • Early approaches are advancing fruitful dialogue around how to accelerate the revolutionary potential of online education and enable better…

    By Harrison Keller & Andrew Belton | 1
  • A look at why and how social innovation can catalyze solutions for local problems from within the community, rather than by importing ideas…

    By Gabriel Seidman & Teresa Chahine | 1
  • Five principles to guide how communities can develop new pathways to health, plus concrete steps toward contributing to a culture that values…

    By Leigh Carroll & Bridget B. Kelly
  • Innovation education is critical in East Africa and beyond.

    By Mary Tangelder & Roshan Paul | 3
  • Communities have the resources to address the problems they face; they just need to approach those problems in a different way.

    By Ann Austin | 2
  • Only by finding a new narrative that embraces the whole, rather than the parts, can we build the health-creating systems we need.

    By Jamie Harvie | 1


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  • After experience in Iraq as a part of the Marine Corps, Jake returned to business school and took on the challenge to alleviate extreme poverty. From this effort, Nuru was launched in 2008.

    Featuring Jake Harriman
  • ENOVA was recently recognized as the winner of Tech Awards 2013 in the Education category for its incredible social impact.

    Featuring Jorge Camil Starr | 2
  • Liesolette Heederick tells us about Nazava Water Filters, winner of Tech Awards 2013 in the Health category for its innovative solution to lack of clean water accessibility in Indonesia.

    Featuring Lieselotte Heederik
  • Kreger describes how Potential Energy, winner of Tech Awards 2013 in the Economic Empowerment category, innovatively tackles social issues as a nonprofit venture.

    Featuring Michelle Kreger
  • In this podcast, Benjamin describes TOHL’s rise to be a global industry leader in water logistics and infrastructure, and how it has been changing lives in the process.

    Featuring Benjamin Cohen | 1
  • Robert Swan, an inspirational speaker who founded 2041 and the first man to walk to both global poles, addresses his audience about the relationship between passion and reaching goals.

    Featuring Robert Swan
  • In this audio lecture, Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk, discusses at Social Innovation Summit 2013 the application of design to solve social problems.

    Featuring Carl Bass | 1
  • This podcast, given by Chris Librie - the Senior Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at HP, describes the corporation's commitment to social responsibility.

    Featuring Chris Librie | 1
  • At the 2013 Stanford Center for Social Innovation’s 2013 Conradin Von Gugelberg Memorial Lecture, Nichols addresses CA's cap-and-trade system and what it means for our environment.

    Featuring Mary Nichols
  • Social innovations in supply chains have the potential for making an impact on a large scale. Experts describe innovations that are benefiting society and delivering economic value.

    Featuring Lakshmi Karan, Nina Smith, Steven Rockhold, & Dara O'Rourke | 1


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