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Adventures in Adaptation

One funder’s willingness to shift course strategically has been crucial to sustaining a decade-long education initiative.


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  • A conversation with communications expert Jonah Berger on how to build support for ideas and gain momentum on social change.

    By Sean Gibbons | 1
  • As the nature, frequency, and scale of disasters grows, the philanthropic sector needs to shift its focus to preparedness through a shared…

    By Dara Major, Betsy Dubovsky, & Brian Byrd
  • A funder-to-funder take on how to create breakthrough social change.

    By Paul Shoemaker | 82
  • A new grantmaking strategy is engaging nonprofit organizations in communities of learning to maximize impact.

    By Julie Lata | 4
  • Investing in communication—whether you’re selling soda or social change—yields results.

    By Sean Gibbons | 4
  • Community foundations are seeing growing activity in building community wealth.

    By Marjorie Kelly | 1
  • A new study shows that organizations have a high level of satisfaction with nonprofit collaborations and a desire to collaborate more.

    By Alex Neuhoff & Katie Smith Milway | 2
  • Bonds for schoolgirls and malaria vaccines: Pay-for-success initiatives are now tackling issues in the developing world.

    By Antara Ganguli | 6
  • J_McCray_Grantmakers_for_Effective_Organizations_SSIR A new survey shows that nonprofits and funders are finding new ways of working together, in the effort to achieve greater impact.

    By J McCray | 1
  • Foundations have supported leadership development for decades, but a shift in mindset and approach—if sustained and expanded—could lead…

    By James E. Canales | 4


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  • U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Chairman of the House Committee on Education George Miller, address the NewSchools Summit 2010.

    Featuring Arne Duncan and George Miller


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