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Cheap and Clean

Cheap and Clean explores how, more than anything else, beliefs about the costs and environmental harms associated with certain fuels drive opinions about energy and climate change policy.


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  • By mainstreaming efforts to empower women, companies can promote a variety of business goals.

    By Marissa Wesely
  • A look at how Freedom to Marry used communications to make the “impossible” ... “inevitable”

    By Evan Wolfson & Kevin Nix | 1
  • Highlights from an inaugural study on the largest generation in human history.

    By Nicole Goldin
  • One of the major scourges on human development is desperately waiting for social entrepreneurship to tackle it, and the time is now.

    By Dieter Zinnbauer | 1
  • By demonstrating shared responsibility and accountability for outcomes that address injustice on a broad scale, justice institutions can help…

    By Ingo Keilitz & Harold Epineuse
  • A look at how the Center for American Progress is using innovative communications strategies to reach the broadest possible audience.

    By Daniella Gibbs Léger | 1
  • Our government should be invested with a pride of ownership. But first, we’ve got to recognize, appreciate, and take responsibility for…

    By Paul Vandeventer | 8
  • How donor funding distorts civil society goals and priorities.

    By Michael Kleinman & Thomas Wheeler | 7
  • New research reveals a large gap between the world of organized philanthropy and today’s world of social action.

    By Marina Gorbis | 1
  • A new report details how the federal government can facilitate partnerships between communities and anchor institutions to increase economic…

    By Tracey Ross | 3


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