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Social Work as a Social Wedge

In China, a new kind of NGO has started to embed the values of civil society in its provision of social services.


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  • stanford_rodrigo_davies_headshot Civic crowdfunding shouldn't support core public services; it should create immediate impact and inform future projects.

    By Rodrigo Davies | 2
  • A new approach to strategy is producing collaborations that are replicable, scalable, and sustainable.

    By Ed Morrison & Scott Hutcheson | 1
  • What social change leaders can learn from behavioral science and the experience of the 21st-century tough guys.

    By Lisa Witter & Michael Feigelson | 13
  • How a little-known tradition that helped rebuild Rwanda could help the rest of us.

    By Ann Lovell | 7
  • Major opportunities to change the world often lie within our biggest personal challenges.

    By Geraldine Hepp and Roshan Paul | 11
  • The Joyce Foundation is finding success with gun violence prevention through policy efforts, using research that sheds light on causes and trends.

    By Rachael Chong & Melissa Fleming
  • Mike_delaRocha Mike de la Rocha, founder of The Living Rooms Across America Tour, talks about the art of cross-sector convening and storytelling to tackle gun violence in the United States.

    By Rachael Chong & Melissa Fleming
  • Rob_Cox The Sandy Hook Promise nonprofit looks to the local community, technology, and innovation to develop a national movement for preventing gun violence.

    By Rachael Chong & Melissa Fleming
  • Joseph_Zammit_Lucia_WOLFoundation_SSIR Effective leaders encourage dissent and activism, combining listening skills with the ability to define and live up to a convincing moral and political vision.

    By Joe Zammit-Lucia | 3
  • Part one of a five-part series of interviews with and commentary by leaders working to reduce gun violence in the United States.

    By Rachael Chong | 7


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  • Havard_professor_Todd_Rogers Organizations are finding that subtle changes in language make a difference in how people vote.

    Featuring Todd Rogers
  • McAdam reviews two follow-up studies of youth activists, and assesses the experiences and their long-term effects on volunteers.

    Featuring Doug McAdam
  • CraigConnects founder Craig Newmark on aligning nonprofits to increase efficacy Craigslist founder Craig Newmark tells us about how he started CraigConnects, chose areas to support, and selected nonprofits to focus on.

    Featuring Craig Newmark
  • Dan Burden has studied and defined what makes for a pedestrian-friendly community. Even more important, he knows why such places are so valuable for everyone—walkers and drivers alike. In this audio lecture, Burden discusses why walkability is crucial to the sustainability of…