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Centered Leadership: Leading with Purpose, Clarity, and Impact

Through stories, tools, and exercises, Centered Leadership outlines an approach for becoming an effective leader, an approach developed and utilized at McKinsey.


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  • Personal development and global development are intrinsically linked, but our current service-learning model might need flipping on its head.

    By Claire Bennett & Daniela Papi | 3
  • A new catalog of metrics can help investors and organizations demonstrate that positive financial returns and social returns can be twinned.

    By Christina Synowiec & Ellen Carey
  • Evidence-based policy, iteration, and innovation are making their way into government.

    By Jonathan Greenblatt & Scott Hartley
  • A look at SAP’s corporate initiatives to develop new talent for work in emerging markets.

    By Alexandra van der Ploeg & Deirdre White
  • As leaders across sectors convene to discuss the new global agenda, the opportunity to collaborate on a new breed of large-scale development projects known as innovative financing has never been brighter.

    By Angela Rastegar Campbell
  • Seventeen corporate and global education leaders gathered at the World Economic Forum 2014 in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss how they are rethinking the role of business in global education.

    By Mark Kramer & Kate Tallant | 20
  • A new report highlights the power of venture capital to source sustainable business innovations.

    By Maximilian Martin
  • Matthew_Scharpnick_Elefint_Design How nonprofits seeking outside assistance can avoid missed opportunities and foster truly productive partnerships.

    By Matthew Scharpnick | 3
  • The sharing economy is creating new business models, forcing traditional for-profit businesses to adapt or fall behind. The same will hold true for the social sector.

    By Erin Morgan Gore | 6
  • Nathan_Rothstein Most socially responsible businesses won’t succeed by giving away something for free.

    By Nathan Rothstein | 8


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