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Innovative ways to enhance corporate social responsibility

Profit&Purpose;, Kyle Westaway

Profit and Purpose: How Social Innovation is Transforming Business for Good

Profit and Purpose: How Social Innovation is Transforming Business for Good is a look at how social entrepreneurs have used business models to change the world.


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  • Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are among the newest and most promising innovations within the impact investing space. Four years after the first SIB launched in the U.K., the US market is now gaining traction. At the federal level, President Obama’s FY 2015…

    Tracy Palandjian & Sam Schaeffer
  • How can you build a capacity for innovation within your social purpose organization? Join Warren Nilsson and Tana Paddock as they discuss the theory and practice of “inscaping”—their term for the work of drawing on personal experience to generate the raw material…

    Warren Nilsson, Tana Paddock, & Marlon Parker
  • Join us to explore how to address the next phase in the collective impact dialogue, complexity, and create an intentional process that allows for effective solutions. John Kania, coauthor of SSIR’s Embracing Emergence: How Collective Impact Addresses Complexity, will discuss this…

    John Kania, Blair Taylor, & Mark Cabaj
  • Hybrid organizational models can be a fountain of innovation, but hybrid organizations also face distinct challenges that may prevent them from thriving. When organizations combine social mission with commercial activities, they create unfamiliar combinations of activities that require a supportive environment. Hybrids…

    Julie Battilana, John Walker, & Matthew Lee
  • Learn about the changing role of brand in the nonprofit sector and a new branding framework designed to help nonprofit leaders.

    Christopher Stone, Nathalie Kylander, & Emily Brew
  • Discussing how to implement the collective impact model and and stories of collective impact success.

    John Kania, Kat Allen & Marc Van Ameringen
  • What social entrepreneurs need to consider before choosing an attorney.

    Jim Fruchterman