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Nonprofit Management

Talent Matters

Nonprofits and other social sector organizations are successful—or not—because of their people. We have overlooked this truth for years, at the expense of the talent within our organizations and the missions we aim to achieve. Individuals leading and working at social organizations should be as motivated, valued, and effective as anyone else in the workforce. With a focus on talent, the social sector can better meet its full potential to solve society’s challenges.

Leading organizations engaged in social sector capacity-building have come together in recent years to discuss how to make talent a bigger priority. Here, we aim to advance that conversation. As part of this series, eight different nonprofit leaders share stories from the field and highlight real-world results achieved through an emphasis on talent. Co-curated by ProInspire CEO Monisha Kapila and Net Impact CEO Liz Maw, these articles will explore four main themes: the business case for investing in talent, reasons why funders should invest in talent, best practices in talent investment, and how to grow talented leaders.

In addition, Linda Wood of the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund joins as a guest curator in fall 2014, drawing in perspectives from funders who invest in social sector leadership as a core grantmaking strategy. Articles will highlight a range of issues and funder approaches.