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Technology & Design

Walk With Makmende: Part 1

From the Field Series: A living case study of Makmende, which provides women in Nairobi with coordinated walking groups.

By Clare Corthell Bennett | Nov. 9, 2011
SSIR blogger Regina Ridley joined the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2006 as publishing director.

Civil Society

Afghanistan: Update from Sakena Yacoobi

Afghan Institute of Learning Founder Sakena Yacoobi helps women and children through teacher training and health education.

By Regina Ridley | 1 | Nov. 8, 2011

Social Entrepreneurship

A New Business Model for Women in the West Bank

Fidaa El Tunky has created the first grassroots venture capital project for rural women in the whole of the Arab region.

By Iman Bibars | Jun. 13, 2011


Mothers of Invention

By Suzie Boss | 1 | May. 18, 2011
SSIR blogger Cristi Hegranes is an award-winning journalist and international journalism trainer as well as the founder and Executive Director of Global Press Institute (GPI).

Global Issues

Global Media Needs Social Enterprise

Global leaders should begin to consider a stronger relationship with local social enterprises.

By Cristi Hegranes | May. 6, 2011
SSIR blogger Tessie Guillermo is president and CEO of ZeroDivide.


Tears for Tech

Response to the fact that a majority of surveyed funders devoted 10 percent or less to tech-related grants and activities.

By Tessie Guillermo | 1 | Apr. 7, 2011


Dark Skies After All

A look at several troubling developments in microfinance.

By Timothy Ogden | 2 | Jan. 26, 2011
SSIR blogger Gabi Zedlmayer is Vice President of HP’s Office of Global Social Innovation responsible for driving social innovation programs that are aligned with HP’s business strategy. social innovation


The Private Sector’s Role in Improving Global Health

Global health is one of the last frontiers for technical innovation. Companies can have an incredible impact by lending technical know-how to solve intricate global health challenges.

By Gabi Zedlmayer | 2 | Jan. 25, 2011
SSIR blogger Reeta Roy is president and CEO of The MasterCard Foundation.

Civil Society

The Power of Voices

This week, a remarkable grassroots organization in India, Vasavya Mahila Mandali (VMM), celebrated 40 years of achievement and service.

By Reeta Roy | 4 | Dec. 16, 2010


Sunny Days for Microfinance

I think the current moment is the beginning of the golden years for microfinance.

By Timothy Ogden | 2 | Nov. 19, 2010