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The Rise and Struggles of Social Enterprise in 2013

The whirlwind year for social enterprise saw new investments, corporate forms, and business models.

By Michael Belinsky | 1 | Jan. 7, 2014


Keeping the “Community” in Community Foundations

A response to the recent article "Redefining Community Foundations" and why community foundations need to stay focused on local impact.

By Bill Somerville | 3 | Oct. 22, 2013

Board Governance

A Better IRS Code

One simple change to the IRS code would ensure that nonprofits assemble diverse boards that truly represent the organizations’ owners: the community.

By Aaron Hurst | 9 | Jun. 7, 2013


Sequestering the Sector

With the threat of a sequester looming, the charitable sector risks being boxed in.

By Melissa A. Berman | 5 | Feb. 28, 2013


Liberating 990 Data

Sharing nonprofits’ Form 990 tax data in a comprehensive and easy-to-access manner may open the door to more collaboration and innovation within the sector.

By Beth Simone Noveck | 7 | Feb. 4, 2013


Opening the Door for Program Related Investments

Proposed new rules by the Treasury Department and the IRS would make it easier for philanthropies to make Program Related Investments.

By Jonathan Greenblatt | 1 | May. 11, 2012


The Billionaire vs. “Free-riding” Multimillionaires

Philanthropy is not sufficient and taxation is necessary.

By Kelly Kleiman | Jan. 19, 2012
SSIR blogger Kelly Kleiman, who blogs as The Nonprofiteer, is principal of NFP Consulting.

Individual Giving

Beyond the “Will not!” “Will so!” of Tax Reform

Campbell and Co. sponsored a study to determine the impact of increased marginal tax rates and a cap on the charitable-giving deduction on giving.

By Kelly Kleiman | 2 | Oct. 28, 2011
SSIR blogger Robert Penna had a 20-year career as a senior staffer with the New York State Senate and as a political consultant. He was affiliated with the Rensselaerville Institute for a decade, serves as Charity Navigator’s international coordinator,


$1.3 Trillion in Broken Federal Spending

The Sunlight Foundation's report assessing federal spending gives US taxpayers a decent, and troubling, view of a system that does not function well.

By Robert Penna | 2 | Sep. 20, 2011


An Opportunity to Bolster Development Through Tax Collection

Tax revenue allows governments to provide the services and public goods their citizens need; however citizens don't always pay their fair share. Why?

By Daniel Altman & James Slezak | Sep. 12, 2011