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Innovations in online social networks that solve global problems



Virtual HIV Prevention

By Jessica Ruvinsky | Nov. 17, 2010

Technology & Design

Buzz Control

By Jessica Ruvinsky | 1 | Nov. 9, 2010
SSIR blogger David Simpson is the co-founder and president of GoldMail and is on the board of Aim High.


New Media: Hype vs. Real World Success

If you shut out the clamor and look dispassionately at the communication hurdles that confront you, it’s not at all clear that new media is delivering on its promise.

By David A. Simpson | 2 | Nov. 5, 2010

Technology & Design

Machine Politics

The information systems we're building are starting to get better at taking input from crowds and using it to help us mine data for what we will most likely want or need.

By Marcia Stepanek | Oct. 26, 2010


Ethically Challenged?

Does the nonprofit sector represens an untapped opportunity to leverage social media for social good among young people?

By Marcia Stepanek | 3 | Oct. 5, 2010

Technology & Design

Be Human: Temporary versus Permanent Networks

The power of networks and engaging them across platforms.

By Amy Sample Ward | 4 | Sep. 3, 2010

Technology & Design

Am I a (4) Square?

What are the benefits of social media in the social change space?

By Marcia Stepanek | 2 | Sep. 2, 2010


Nonprofit Institute Haiku Contest

Stanford Social Innovation Review readers share haiku poems about nonprofits.

By Rachel Heredia | 1 | Aug. 30, 2010


Nonprofits Pipe Up

By Suzie Boss | Aug. 18, 2010


Community Building in a Big Backyard

We should strive to create a thriving community both online and offline.

By Amy Sample Ward | Aug. 13, 2010