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Innovations in online social networks that solve global problems


Slacktivism, the Gateway to Change?

Two points of Slacktivism: 1) organizations create and endorse the level to which people take action 2) “slacker activism” is a gateway to lasting change.

By Amy Sample Ward | 2 | Mar. 14, 2011

Civil Society

Online Gaming Is the New Bowling League

By Jessica Ruvinsky | Feb. 16, 2011

Technology & Design

City Hall 2.0

By Suzie Boss | Feb. 16, 2011

Crowd-Sourcing Disaster Relief

Featuring Jeannie Stamberger | Jan. 25, 2011

Technology & Design

Are we addicted to Slacktivism?

Does every social media “call to action” need to have a cause?

By Amy Sample Ward | 3 | Dec. 7, 2010
Rob Reich, Associate Professor of Political Science and, by courtesy, in Philosophy and at the School of Education, at Stanford University

Technology & Design

Early Thoughts About Jumo

Some early impressions of Jumo, a much-heralded social networking site for stimulating, coordinating, and occasionally funding social change.

By Rob Reich | 3 | Dec. 3, 2010

Technology & Design

The Dragonfly Effect

By Jennifer Aaker & Andy Smith | 9 | Nov. 18, 2010


Virtual HIV Prevention

By Jessica Ruvinsky | Nov. 17, 2010

Technology & Design

Buzz Control

By Jessica Ruvinsky | 1 | Nov. 9, 2010
SSIR blogger David Simpson is the co-founder and president of GoldMail and is on the board of Aim High.


New Media: Hype vs. Real World Success

If you shut out the clamor and look dispassionately at the communication hurdles that confront you, it’s not at all clear that new media is delivering on its promise.

By David A. Simpson | 2 | Nov. 5, 2010