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Innovative ways that nonprofits can generate income by selling products and services


Economic Development

Microfinance’s Next Frontier

By Meredith May | Aug. 18, 2010

Socially Responsible Business

Hear, Hear for Profits

Reviewed By Rodney Schwartz | 3 | Aug. 18, 2010


Unlocking Future Savings

By Suzie Boss | Aug. 18, 2010

Social Entrepreneurship

Minding the Gap

How do you inspire people, from your CEO to rural farmers to consumers, to change their ways to do good (or at least better) for society?

By Marcia Stepanek | 2 | Jul. 22, 2010


Collaborating on a Future Vision of the Philanthropic Ecosystem

Creating greater social impact throughout the philanthropic ecosystem—a report from a recent Markets for Giving workshop.

By Perla Ni | Jul. 16, 2010

Social Entrepreneurship

What Exactly Is Social Entrepreneurship in America?

Whether there is a profit motive or not, the notion that business has a role to play in addressing societal issues is at the heart of today’s discourse on social entrepreneurship.

By Ruth Shapiro | 2 | Jun. 10, 2010


Financing Freedom

By Meredith May | May. 26, 2010

Social Entrepreneurship

Unreasonable and Ready

By Suzie Boss | May. 26, 2010


A Good Business for Poor People

By Lisa Jones Christensen, David Lehr, & Jason Fairbourne | 1 | May. 26, 2010

Technology & Design

Micro-multinationals Rising

Small, Web-wired start-ups that are using social media to find, then recruit, the best new talent from around the globe and leverage it for immediate innovation, impact, and sustainability.

By Marcia Stepanek | May. 14, 2010