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Innovative ways that nonprofits can generate income by selling products and services

SSIR blogger Regina Ridley joined the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2006 as publishing director.

Socially Responsible Business

Radical Transparency Will Change the World

A new counterbalance to corporate power is developing.

By Regina Ridley | 6 | Apr. 20, 2010

Nonprofit Management

How to Start a Nonprofit Side Hustle: Know the Basics

For those looking to expand their employment options, nonprofit consulting may be the perfect option for your skills.

By Rosetta Thurman | Apr. 2, 2010
SSIR blogger Sean Stannard-Stockton is CEO of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors. Strategic Philanthropy

Philanthropy Made to Stick

A look at how Kiva created a compelling model that hooked everyday donors into their social impact world.

By Sean Stannard-Stockton | 7 | Mar. 24, 2010

Social Entrepreneurship

Less What, More How: A Review of Nilofer Merchant’s The New How

A review of The New How: Creating Business Solutions through Collaborative Strategy , a book on how to create and implement high-impact strategies for social entrepreneurship.

By Peter Deitz | Mar. 22, 2010

Technology & Design

Mobile: Increasingly on Call

Mobile technology has become increasingly crucial within the field of international development, for issues ranging from private equity in Africa to crisis response.

By Scott E. Hartley | Mar. 1, 2010

Nonprofit Management

Leap Forward for Social Enterprises

By Suzie Boss | Feb. 24, 2010

Measuring Social Impact

Patient Optimists

Patient optimists have lowered their expectations of any particular program or intervention, but not their belief in a better world over the long term.

By Timothy Ogden | 8 | Feb. 19, 2010

Nonprofit Management

In a Changing Ecosystem, Whither Nonprofits?

With new changes to corporate and tax law, can nonprofits continue to be successful among new competitors?

By Lucy Bernholz | 3 | Feb. 10, 2010
SSIR blogger Regina Ridley joined the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2006 as publishing director.


Bay Area Social Entrepreneurs Talk Funding

A Bay Area gathering for nonprofits encourages discussion on collective challenges and opportunities, especially in the realm of funding and budgeting.

By Regina Ridley | Feb. 3, 2010

Haiti Relief Underscores Deeper Needs

The recent Haiti earthquake and relief show that funders are not willing to make the significant investments needed to support nonprofits.

By Todd Cohen | Feb. 1, 2010