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Urban Development

A Strategy for Alleviating Poverty

Why there is a renewed sense of urgency and optimism about place-based initiatives.

By Elwood M. Hopkins | 17 | Dec. 4, 2014


Local Resources for Local Needs

A look at Silicon Valley’s surprising disconnect and opportunities that all local funders should consider.

By Alexa Cortes Culwell | 14 | May. 8, 2013

10th Anniversary Essays

Jobs and Social Innovation

By Rosabeth Moss Kanter | 2 | Feb. 21, 2013

Economic Development

Improving Household Balance Sheets

By Jack McCarthy | Feb. 21, 2013


Foundations Must Get Serious About Multi-Year Grantmaking

New research on multi-year grants underlines the need for more philanthropic support.

By Niki Jagpal & Kevin Laskowski | Nov. 5, 2012

Economic Development

The Value of Informal Enterprise

Informal enterprise is expanding rapidly, raising questions about what we mean when we say “the” economy and how we can better engage with it.

By Abby Margolis | 3 | Nov. 1, 2012


Getting to Bartlett Street: Our 25-Year Quest to Level the Playing Field in Education

By Joe and Carol Reich | Jul. 20, 2012


Back to the Future: Will We See a New Generation of Nonprofit Organizations in 2011?

There are new leaders coming into the nonprofit sector with ideas that have the potential to change the way social change happens. It’s time to ask some new questions.

By Rosetta Thurman | 1 | Jan. 19, 2011

Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit Turnaround

My new book, "Nonprofit Turnaround: A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders, Consultants and Funders," delves into questions of the state of nonprofits today.

By Jan Glick | 3 | Dec. 1, 2010

Nonprofit Management

I Gain and You Gain: The Emergence of “Smart Power” Strategies in the Nonprofit Sector

How can we work together in the nonprofit sector to produce results that we can all benefit from?

By Jean Butzen | 3 | Nov. 15, 2010