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Innovative ways to use prizes to advance social progress


Social Entrepreneurship

Prizes and Challenges Matter for Development

Prizes allow institutions to develop revolutionary new solutions, are less risky than traditional grants, and can create communities of practice.

By Alex Dehgan & Aleem Walji | Oct. 14, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

Why Open Contests Work

A look at how competitions like those at the Knight Foundation serve the social entrepreneur community.

By Mayur Patel | 1 | Sep. 3, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

Dump the Stupid Prizes, Multiply the Rest

Why we need more social enterprise competitions.

By Andrew Youn | 1 | Aug. 30, 2013


Dump the Prizes

Contests, challenges, awards—they do more harm than good. Let’s get rid of them.

By Kevin Starr | 40 | Aug. 22, 2013

Economic Development

Trust and Technology

Together, the public and private sector can develop affordable and truly accessible banking solutions that benefit the world’s poor.

By William Brindley | Sep. 5, 2012

Technology & Design

Following in Buckminster Fuller’s Footsteps

Living Buildings Challenge, a project of the International Living Future Institute, is the winner of this year’s Buckminster Fuller Institute award.

By Pablo Freund | Jun. 7, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

In Search of Collaborative Spirit

Is collaborative competition … collaborative?

By Rafael Ziegler | 1 | Nov. 14, 2011

Technology & Design

Reducing Poverty Through Personal Manufacturing

The problem with traditional charity is that it gives little or no thought to the power of incentives or the necessity of self sufficiency.

By Kartik Gada | Oct. 11, 2011


Perspectives from the Field

SSIR_Lucy_Bernholzs_Stanford_University_Center_on_Philanthropy_and_Civil Society_Hybrid_Reality_Institute


Philanthropy’s Buzzwords of the Decade

The 10 phrases I have chosen to show the steady rise in market-based solutions for social problem solving, technology’s infiltration of all things fund raising, and a shift in attention from local to global.

By Lucy Bernholz | Jan. 5, 2011