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Understanding why people are poor and innovative ways to alleviate poverty



Financing Freedom

Microlending in leprosy colonies frees residents from poverty, shame, and isolation.
By Meredith May | May. 26, 2010

Economic Development

Big Payoffs from Small Savings

SaveTogether wants to foster the savings habit among low-income Americans.
By Suzie Boss | May. 26, 2010


A Good Business for Poor People

Microfranchising poses fewer risks and offers greater benefits than does creating a new business from scratch.
By Lisa Jones Christensen, David Lehr, & Jason Fairbourne | 1 | May. 26, 2010


Local Warming

Global warming may end up helping some poor farmers who will be able to sell their crops for higher prices.
By Jessica Ruvinsky | May. 26, 2010

Claire A. Williams, Lara Vogel - Using Social Enterprise to Outpace Poverty

By Eric Nee | May. 18, 2010

Jeffrey D. Sachs - Financial Crisis and a Changing Business World

By Eric Nee | May. 12, 2010

Michael Spence - Financial Crisis and a Changing Business World

By Eric Nee | May. 11, 2010

Rolf Papsdorf - Providing Environmental Sustainability Solutions

By Eric Nee | Apr. 28, 2010


Rebuilding Haiti with Microfinance (Video)

Partnership brings greater social impact. This post features a video.

By Reeta Roy | Apr. 20, 2010
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Asking the Right Questions

A report on a talk by Jeffrey Sachs, director of The Earth Institute, professor of Sustainable Development, and professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University.

By Jenna Nicholas | 1 | Apr. 16, 2010