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Understanding why people are poor and innovative ways to alleviate poverty


What's Next Technology & Design

The BOP Beckons

By Joshua Weissburg | 5 | May. 18, 2008

MicroEnergy Credits Corporation: Catalyzing Clean Energy for the BoP

Using existing microfinance institutions and recent developments in the carbon credit markets on the supply side to facilitate the adoption of clean energy for the very poor.

By Grace Augustine | 1 | May. 1, 2008

Inequality in Giving—Interview with Rob Reich, Author of “A Failure of Philanthropy”

Too little charity actually reaches the needy.

By Perla Ni | Mar. 26, 2008

Moral Hazard

The financial crisis threatens hopes to expand opportunities for underprivileged young people, but we can't afford not to invest in them.

By Peter Manzo | 2 | Mar. 25, 2008


Poor in Body

By Alana Conner | Mar. 11, 2008

Global Issues

Review: Giving

Reviewed By Paul Collier | Mar. 10, 2008


Curbing Mission Creep

By Kim Jonker & William F. Meehan III | Feb. 24, 2008


In Microfinance, Clients Must Come First

By Srikant M. Datar, Marc J. Epstein, & Kristi Yuthas | 14 | Jan. 25, 2008

Anti-Poverty Engineers

Reducing poverty for people at the lower end of the scale would be more powerful than any other form of intervention.

By Peter Manzo | 5 | Jan. 10, 2008

Economic Development

Is This the Silver Bullet?

By Alana Conner | Dec. 14, 2007