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Evaluating Complex Social Initiatives

A new brief offers guidance and tools to support the evaluation of complex programs when traditional evaluation won’t suffice.

By Srik Gopal | 4 | Mar. 4, 2015

Measuring Social Impact

Using Big Data to Predict Social Impact (Complimentary)

Presented by Jason Saul & Nolan Gasser | Sep. 30, 2014

Nonprofit Management

Shared Measurement and Big Data For Good

Featuring Kathy Brennan, Patricia Bowie, & Lucy Bernholz | Jul. 28, 2014

Social Entrepreneurship

Optimized Social Responsibility Through Evaluation

Featuring Hallie Preskill | Jul. 18, 2014

Nonprofit Management

Implications for the Social Sector

Featuring Lisbeth Schorr, Fay Twersky, & Alicia Grunow | Jul. 18, 2014

Social Entrepreneurship

Embracing Complexity in Social Enterprise Evaluation

Featuring Brenda Zimmerman | Jul. 18, 2014


The Paradoxical Break In Philanthropy

Featuring Jacob Lief & Ned Breslin | Jun. 24, 2014


Adaptive Philanthropy: Getting Results in Uncertain Environments (Complimentary)

Presented by Steven McCormick, Jenny Shilling Stein, Jeffrey Walker, & Susan Wolf Ditkoff | Oct. 17, 2013


Collective Impact: Embracing Emergence

Presented by John Kania, Blair Taylor, & Mark Cabaj | May. 1, 2013
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The Heartache of the Failed Hail Mary

A look at how nonprofits can improve organizational capacity in order to more effectively implement long-lasting social change.

By John Brothers | 1 | Apr. 9, 2010