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Global Issues

Does the Development Sector Need Its Own WikiLeaks?

Could radical transparency in global development lead to better outcomes?

By Christian Seelos & Maria May | 6 | Jun. 24, 2015

Evaluating Complex Social Initiatives

A new brief offers guidance and tools to support the evaluation of complex programs when traditional evaluation won’t suffice.

By Srik Gopal | 4 | Mar. 4, 2015

Measuring Social Impact

Using Big Data to Predict Social Impact (Complimentary)

Presented by Jason Saul & Nolan Gasser | Sep. 30, 2014


Adaptive Philanthropy: Getting Results in Uncertain Environments (Complimentary)

Presented by Steven McCormick, Jenny Shilling Stein, Jeffrey Walker, & Susan Wolf Ditkoff | Oct. 17, 2013


Collective Impact: Embracing Emergence

Presented by John Kania, Blair Taylor, & Mark Cabaj | May. 1, 2013
SSIR_John_Brothers _headshot


The Heartache of the Failed Hail Mary

A look at how nonprofits can improve organizational capacity in order to more effectively implement long-lasting social change.

By John Brothers | 1 | Apr. 9, 2010

Nonprofit Management

Nonprofits Face Moment of Truth

In light of the weakened economy, nonprofits need to refocus their efforts, take stock of their operations, make tough financial choices, and think big for investing in resources for the future.

By Todd Cohen | 1 | Mar. 29, 2010


Obama’s Missed Opportunity to Change Charitable Giving

Obama could have radically changed the debate on how to allocate charitable funds if he had detailed the set of criteria used to donate his Nobel Peace Prize award money.

By Timothy Ogden | 5 | Mar. 23, 2010

Measuring Social Impact

Hitting Reset on Outcomes

A new look into how the nonprofit sector can reset its approach to outcomes and management.

By Mario Morino | Mar. 12, 2010

Measuring Social Impact

The Right Measures

A new resource for measuring where the greatest need exists offers nonprofits and social entrepreneurs an idea of where to focus their collective goals.

By Peter Manzo | Mar. 3, 2010