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Tag: Measurement & Evaluation



Measuring Social Impact

Broader Evidence for Bigger Impact

By Lisbeth B. Schorr | 1 | Sep. 15, 2012


A Simple Method to Improve College Graduation Rates

A case study of Boston-area organization Bottom Line.

By Arshad Merchant | 3 | Sep. 4, 2012


Actionable Measurement at the Gates Foundation

A conversation with Jodi Nelson, head of measurement and evaluation.

By Matthew Forti | Aug. 29, 2012

Roundtable on Collective Impact

By Eric Nee & Michele Jolin | Aug. 15, 2012

Economic Development

Changing Savings Habits

By Annie Duflo & Dean Karlan | Aug. 15, 2012

Measuring Social Impact

A GPS for Social Impact


Development Controversy a Sign of Sophistication

Public debate about two prominent poverty-alleviation programs shows that over the past 15 years international development has become much more scientific.

By Dean Karlan & Caroline Fiennes | Aug. 7, 2012

Measuring Social Impact

The Present Value of Social Investment

How to calculate the value of a social investment made now versus at a future date.

By Aaron Hurst | 2 | Aug. 1, 2012


Risks Worth Taking

When philanthropists fund programmatic interventions, they should resist the seduction of certainty.

By Lisbeth B. Schorr | Jul. 31, 2012


Social Enterprises and Growth: Lessons from the Microcredit Debate

Ambition to scale makes MFIs more financially driven.

By Ignacio Mas and David del Ser | 1 | Jul. 30, 2012