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Civil Society

Civil Society and Significant Change—Are We Ready?

Given the scope and urgency of the many changes facing the social sector, it’s time to build new bridges for cross-sector and cross-generation learning.

By Bonnie Koenig | 7 | Jun. 21, 2013


Can a “Like” Save a Life?

A Georgetown University and Waggener Edstrom study sheds new light on the debate surrounding the effectiveness of online influence.

By Julie Dixon | 6 | Jun. 11, 2013

Economic Development

Product Paternalism

Women’s empowerment means voter choice, partner choice, healthcare choice, reproductive choice, career choice, and consumer choice.

By Jonathan C. Lewis | 6 | Jun. 10, 2013


It Can Be Smart to Dumb Things Down

Keeping your message simple helps mobilize people in support of your goals.

By Doug Hattaway & Jenn Henrichsen | 2 | May. 17, 2013


Six Mobile Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

If your organization doesn’t have a mobile marketing strategy in place, it’s time to build one—here's how.

By Julie Szabo | 6 | May. 13, 2013


The Critical Role of the Strategic Brand

Featuring Nathalie Kylander | Apr. 16, 2013


Social Change Anytime Everywhere

By Allyson Kapin & Amy Sample Ward | Apr. 10, 2013


Should Nonprofits Act Like Businesses or People?

Community-focused approaches disrupting the nonprofit sector.

By Amy Sample Ward | 5 | Apr. 10, 2013

Technology & Design

From Politics to Public Policy: Part 4

How campaign lessons can amplify your work. In part four: ten key takeaways.

By The Joyce Foundation | Apr. 9, 2013

Technology & Design

From Politics to Public Policy: Part 3

How campaign lessons can amplify your work. In part three: Embrace the change.

By Michael Slaby | Apr. 9, 2013