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Innovative ways leaders can achieve organizational and societal goals


Nonprofit Management

How Leaders Encourage Innovation

By Jessica Ruvinsky | Aug. 16, 2011


The Missing Link in School Reform

By Carrie R. Leana | 21 | Aug. 16, 2011

Nonprofit Management

The Networked Nonprofit

By Jane Wei-Skillern & Sonia Marciano | 7 | Aug. 15, 2011


The Role of the Voluntary Sector in the Era of Health Reform

Featuring David Shern & Larry Snyder | Jul. 28, 2011


Surdna CEO on Philanthropic Isolation

An interview with Phillip Henderson about the challenges he faces as the president of the Surdna Foundation.

By Aaron Hurst | 6 | Jul. 22, 2011

Nonprofit Management

Turning Nonprofit Executive On-Boarding on Its Head

If new executives develop themselves in alignment with the organization’s goals, they will mitigate stress and increase the likelihood of their success.

By Jeanne Bell & Marla Cornelius | Jul. 19, 2011
SSIR blogger Susan Misra is the associate director of Program and Grants Management and Capacity Building at TCC Group. Corporate citizenship

Nonprofit Management

Training for Nonprofits That Sticks? Yes, It’s Possible!

The reason many fail to achieve organizational change is that they focus on preparing leaders to change, rather than actual implementation.

By Susan Misra | 3 | Jul. 14, 2011

Nonprofit Management

The Challenge of Organizational Learning

By Katie Smith Milway & Amy Saxton | 7 | Jul. 13, 2011

Stakeholders in Corporate Social Responsibility

Featuring Debra Dunn | Jul. 8, 2011


Grassroots Philanthropy in Schools

Featuring Charles Best | Jun. 21, 2011