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Recession Pushing Nonprofits Back to Basics

With national charity declining, nonprofits must return their focus to fundraising and giving.

By Todd Cohen | Feb. 8, 2010


28 Days of Black Nonprofit Leaders: Erica Hunt

In honor of Black History Month, this blog will highlight 28 black nonprofit leaders who are working to make our world a better and more hopeful place for generations to come.

By Rosetta Thurman | Feb. 3, 2010

Human Rights

Women Hold Both Sky and Solutions

Reviewed By Kavita Nandini Ramdas | 3 | Dec. 30, 2009

Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit Innovation Depends on Leadership

Project Hope represents a new business model in the nonprofit sector.

By Todd Cohen | Dec. 5, 2009

Nonprofit Management

Does Generation Y Discriminate Against Baby Boomers? Or Is It the Other Way Around?

Addressing inter-generational tensions in the nonprofit work sphere.

By Rosetta Thurman | 5 | Nov. 19, 2009


Research: Strong Women, Strong Sector

By Alana Conner | Nov. 19, 2009


Q&A: Jeff Raikes

By Eric Nee | 4 | Nov. 18, 2009

Momentum 2009: Fear and Excitement About Real Momentum for Progressives

By Gina Klein Jorasch | 2 | Sep. 10, 2009

Generation Y and the Perils of Milli Vanilli Leadership

Generation Y leaders benefit from acting their age.

By Rosetta Thurman | 1 | Apr. 9, 2009

From Entry-Level to Leadership: How to Join a Nonprofit Board of Directors

Board experience proves invaluable to leadership development.

By Rosetta Thurman | Apr. 3, 2009