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Innovative ways leaders can achieve organizational and societal goals


Nonprofit Management

Influence and Impact: The New Nonprofit Digital Team

A recent report examines the evolution of digital efforts at nonprofits and the challenges that lie ahead.

By Jason Mogus | Feb. 5, 2014

Economic Development

The Promise of Social Investment in Africa

Why philanthropists need to continue to invest in and alongside African organizations and leaders.

By Robyn Calder & Siobhan Crowley | 5 | Dec. 11, 2013

Funding for Outcomes

Mario Morino, author of Leap of Reason, discusses funder pitfalls in setting and measuring goals for grantees.

By Susan Wolf Ditkoff | Dec. 6, 2013


When Leaders Leave


Leadership in an Age of Activism

Effective leaders encourage dissent and activism, combining listening skills with the ability to define and live up to a convincing moral and political vision.

By Joe Zammit-Lucia | 3 | Nov. 21, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

Inside-Out Innovation

By SSIR Editors | Nov. 20, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Innovation From the Inside Out

By Warren Nilsson & Tana Paddock | 12 | Nov. 20, 2013

Urban Development

Saviors at City Hall?

Reviewed By Milton Friesen | 2 | Nov. 20, 2013

Exploring Alternatives to the War on Drugs

A new methodology is helping to reshape the future of the drug problem.

By Adam Kahane | 1 | Nov. 20, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

Game Changers Win By Embracing Bold Strategy

A look at the skills, competencies, and behaviors organizations need to navigate the “new normal.”