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Innovative ways leaders can achieve organizational and societal goals

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The “New Vigors” of Sharing Nonprofit Sector Learnings

By John Brothers | 2 | May. 8, 2012


From Charitable Giving to Strategic Investing

Foundations are shifting the conversation about their work and impact.

By Katherine Miller | 1 | May. 4, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

Titanic Solutions for a Sinking World

Four concrete lessons for social innovators.

By Rich Tafel | 5 | May. 3, 2012


Not All Nonprofit Mergers Are Created Equal

Lessons from the Community Catalyst Fund in Charlotte, North Carolina.

By Jean Butzen | 3 | May. 1, 2012

Nonprofit Management

Finding the Right Measurement Director

New research reveals that most organizations prioritize the wrong skills in their search for a measurement director.

By Matthew Forti | 5 | Apr. 24, 2012
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Socially Responsible Business

Flexible Funding and Leadership Training Lead to Greater Community Impact

A successful grant program gives nonprofit leaders space and time to strategize.

By Kerry Sullivan | Apr. 16, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship


By Beverly Schwartz | 1 | Apr. 13, 2012
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Technology & Design

Leading in a Hyperconnected World

Three reasons to change how your organization communicates.

By Ben Hecht | 2 | Apr. 10, 2012

Nonprofit Management

Five Levers of Social Change: Part 4

Practical Advice Series: Five basic “levers,” or strategies, to help businesses or nonprofits achieve social change.

By Aaron Hurst | 5 | Mar. 26, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurs Must Stop Throwing Starfish

Too often we engage in linear, simplistic solutions, when lasting change requires collaborative efforts.

By Rich Tafel | 21 | Mar. 20, 2012