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Tag: Leadership


Innovative ways leaders can achieve organizational and societal goals


Social Entrepreneurship

Sustainability and Self-Interest

Reviewed By Matthew E. Kahn | May. 16, 2012

Economic Development

The Emerging Market Era

Reviewed By Paul van der Boor | May. 16, 2012

Technology & Design

Managing Technology for Social Change

There is a great deal of untapped potential in consistently applying existing technologies to support, and in fact, direct social change.

By Arti Khanna | 1 | May. 16, 2012

Global Issues

The Clarion Call for Character

As leaders, the only pretension we cannot tolerate is that we are powerless to change what we see around us.

By Jeff Shuck | May. 10, 2012

Economic Development

A Fresh Take on Building Prosperous Cities

Local government strategic planning is needed to move cities forward at the necessary rate of reform.

By Mayor Sam Adams | 5 | May. 9, 2012
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The “New Vigors” of Sharing Nonprofit Sector Learnings

By John Brothers | 2 | May. 8, 2012


From Charitable Giving to Strategic Investing

Foundations are shifting the conversation about their work and impact.

By Katherine Miller | 1 | May. 4, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

Titanic Solutions for a Sinking World

Four concrete lessons for social innovators.

By Rich Tafel | 5 | May. 3, 2012


Not All Nonprofit Mergers Are Created Equal

Lessons from the Community Catalyst Fund in Charlotte, North Carolina.

By Jean Butzen | 3 | May. 1, 2012

Nonprofit Management

Finding the Right Measurement Director

New research reveals that most organizations prioritize the wrong skills in their search for a measurement director.

By Matthew Forti | 5 | Apr. 24, 2012