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Human Rights

21st-Century Refugee Protection

Today’s 60 million displaced people have a basic need beyond food, water, and shelter: legal representation.


Technology & Design

Danger Ahead

The spread of technology-based platforms brings greater connectivity—but also greater vulnerability.
Reviewed By Marina Gorbis | May. 13, 2015

Economic Development

A More Perfect Union?

New ideas on how to empower US workers involve breaking free of current labor law.
Reviewed By Thomas A. Kochan | Feb. 18, 2015

From Blur to Precision

A recent convening highlighted progress on setting a “fourth sector” agenda.

By Heather Grady | 1 | Jan. 23, 2015

Human Rights

Migrants at the Border and Philanthropy at Home

What the US government and funders are doing about unaccompanied child migration, and where we need to look next.

By Mara Perez | 7 | Nov. 21, 2014


Nuance in Government

A leading public intellectual, fresh from government service, explores the complexities of cost-benefit analysis.
Reviewed By Peter A. Ubel | Nov. 19, 2014

Global Issues

Fostering Collaboration Through Common Language

Social change partners must understand the why before digging into the what.

By Kate Marple | 4 | Sep. 23, 2014

Impact Investing

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Hand in Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court’s reasoning and decision in Hobby Lobby should make the foundation reflect on the relative wisdom of its initiative to blend the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

By Maribel Morey | 6 | Aug. 21, 2014

Path to Equality

Supplements to the article “Equal Effort.”
By SSIR Editors | Aug. 13, 2014

Human Rights

Equal Effort

Behind the recent advance of gay marriage rights lies a decade of careful planning and diligent collaboration. Includes magazine extras.
By Sylvia Yee | 2 | Aug. 13, 2014