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Urban Development

Safe at Home

By Suzie Boss | May. 14, 2014

Urban Development

Habitat Builds Out Its Vision

By Suzie Boss | 2 | Feb. 21, 2013

Urban Development

Wanted: New Frameworks for Urban Housing

As global base of the pyramid urban evictions intensify, we need good quality, affordable housing that creates attractive profit opportunities.

By Ruban Selvanayagam | 2 | Jul. 5, 2012

Economic Development

A Plot of Land, a Path to Freedom

A valuable lesson for alleviating global poverty lies within the pages of African American history.

By Tim Hanstad | 2 | Feb. 29, 2012

Urban Development

Space: The Social Change Frontier

Exploring open spaces, parks, gardens, and trails as tools for social impact.

By Eric Friedenwald-Fishman | Jan. 30, 2012
Marc Henrich is founder and executive director of the nonprofit Ecodana.


From the Field: Indigenous Environmentalists Strive to Reforest Indonesia

In Indonesia, the issue of customary land rights is in debate.

By Marc Henrich | Aug. 15, 2011

Economic Development

The Problem with Fair Trade Coffee

By Colleen Haight | 20 | Jun. 22, 2011

Economic Development

The Agency of African Girls and Women

Women are contributing to Africa’s growth surge. We cannot afford to overlook their potential and agency.

By Reeta Roy | 1 | Jul. 15, 2010


Curbing Mission Creep

By Kim Jonker & William F. Meehan III | Feb. 24, 2008

Urban Development

The People’s IPO

By Anne Stuhldreher | Jan. 26, 2007