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The Future of Health Care Access



The Quest for Scale

By Louis C. Boorstin | 4 | Aug. 14, 2013

Economic Development

India 2050: A Global Manpower Hub

Is India the answer to the global unemployment crisis?

By Geeta Ramakrishnan | 1 | Aug. 9, 2013


Teachers: A Solution to Education Reform in India

Teachers can lead improvement in education; we need to help them develop the mindset, skills, and networks they need to create change.

By Sharath Jeevan & James Townsend | 4 | Jul. 17, 2013

Impact Investing

Lasting Impact: Investing via Open Holding Companies

We need to change the structure through which we make impact investments for inclusive, fully realized value.


Social Entrepreneurship

Where Is the BOP Health Care Fortune?

Research shows that healthcare social enterprises are segmenting the BOP and leaving the bottom 50 percent of consumers behind.

By Andy Thornton | 3 | May. 23, 2013

Socially Responsible Business

Mandatory CSR in India: A Bad Proposal

Looked at from the perspective of the political right, and the left, and the center, the proposed law making CSR mandatory is a really bad idea.

By Aneel Karnani | 16 | May. 20, 2013

Economic Development

Tapping the Entrepreneurial Potential of Grassroots Innovation

By Anil K. Gupta | 5 | May. 15, 2013


Bottom-Up Solutions to Mitigating Climate Change


Social Entrepreneurship

A Guide to Scaling Social Innovation

A new guide offers a framework for credible, realistic policy action that governments can take to turn social entrepreneurship into a major force for innovation.

By Hilde Schwab | Apr. 24, 2013