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Text the Vote

By Suzie Boss | May. 13, 2015

Nonprofit Management

The Importance of Letting Go

A look at how organizations that let go of their own assumptions, perspectives, and sense of control can influence change like policy reform.

By Amy Celep & Sara Brenner | Nov. 5, 2014

Deeply Divided: Racial Politics and Social Movements in Post-War America

By Doug McAdam & Karina Kloos | Oct. 1, 2014


Reclaiming Democracy: A Plea for Political Entrepreneurship

We face daunting challenges, but political institutions cannot cope; it's time to shake up the system.

By Lisa Witter & Catherine de Vries | 8 | Oct. 31, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

A Lab of Labs

A report from Lab2, and why learning to reflect on our assumptions about how change happens has value, whether or not “lab” is in your title.

By Sarah Schulman | 1 | Aug. 16, 2013

Technology & Design

Mobile Phones Build Peace

New research illustrates how we can overcome challenges facing post-conflict countries like Afghanistan through the use of mobile phones.

By Ylva Lindberg & Stina Torjesen | Aug. 15, 2013


From Technocracy to a Practical Politics

For the environmental movement to succeed, it needs to convert its ideas, science, theories, and activism into practical politics that can win votes on a large scale.

By Joseph Zammit-Lucia | 3 | May. 28, 2013


Leading for Results

Effective governance requires clear priorities, great people, and the right systems.

By Tony Blair | Apr. 16, 2013

Technology & Design

From Politics to Public Policy: Part 3

How campaign lessons can amplify your work. In part three: Embrace the change.

By Michael Slaby | Apr. 9, 2013

Technology & Design

From Politics to Public Policy: Part 2

How campaign lessons can amplify your work. In part two: Do what you’re already doing, better.

By Patrick Ruffini | 1 | Apr. 9, 2013