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Rural Giving Needs to Grow

Rural America is largely off the radar of much of philanthropy.

By Todd Cohen | 3 | Nov. 10, 2009

Sharing Knowledge to Inform Giving

By Sean Stannard-Stockton | Oct. 22, 2009

Corporate Givers Regroup in Recession

By Todd Cohen | 1 | Oct. 20, 2009

Personally Asking Givers Matters

By Todd Cohen | 2 | Oct. 13, 2009

Nonprofit Mergers: New Donor Quality Metric? North Carolina Story May Suggest So

Ideas for increasing the impact of nonprofits through value-driven mergers, partnerships and management

By Jean Butzen | Oct. 8, 2009

Connecting, Part 1: Giving Sector Needs Media Smarts

By Todd Cohen | 2 | Aug. 24, 2009

The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle

A vicious cycle is leaving nonprofits so hungry for decent infrastructure that they can barely function as organizations—let alone serve their beneficiaries. The cycle starts with funders’ unrealistic expectations about how much running a nonprofit costs, and results in nonprofits’ misrepresenting their costs while skimping on vital systems—acts that feed funders’ skewed beliefs. To break the nonprofit starvation cycle, funders must take the lead.
By Ann Goggins Gregory & Don Howard | 30 | Aug. 18, 2009

Catalytic Philanthropy

Despite spending vast amounts of money and helping to create the world’s largest nonprofit sector, philanthropists have fallen far short of solving America’s most pressing problems. What the nation needs is “catalytic philanthropy”—a new approach that is already being practiced by some of the most innovative donors.
By Mark R. Kramer | 13 | Aug. 17, 2009

Fundraising, Part 5: Time Always Ripe to Seek Bequests

By Todd Cohen | Aug. 17, 2009

Fundraising, Part 4: Bequest Pledging Seen as Opportunity

By Todd Cohen | Aug. 12, 2009