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One Click Giving Infrastructure

We need a one-stop directory of online giving sites.

By Lucy Bernholz | Jun. 11, 2008


We’ve Arrived. Now What?

By Kim Wright-Violich | 1 | May. 29, 2008

Philanthropy 2.0: A Video Q&A

Some key online philanthropy sites, and tips for foundations looking to push the envelope.

By Peter Deitz | May. 6, 2008

Nonprofit Silos Choke Off Conversations

Nonprofits that allow bureaucratic turf to get in the way of listening to and serving donors won’t survive the change in how donors interact with their charities.

By Jeff Brooks | Apr. 21, 2008

Bernholz’s Law of Philanthropic Adaptation

Philanthropies adopt new technologies in predictable ways.

By Lucy Bernholz | Apr. 14, 2008

Stand for Something

Taking leadership on community issues should help a nonprofit attract even more donors and more passionate commitment to the organization.

By Peter Manzo | Apr. 8, 2008

Inequality in Giving—Interview with Rob Reich, Author of “A Failure of Philanthropy”

Too little charity actually reaches the needy.

By Perla Ni | Mar. 26, 2008

Five Steps Out of Stupid Fundraising

Make your fundraising more relevant to the new generation of donors.

By Jeff Brooks | 1 | Mar. 25, 2008

Why Do People Give to Charity?

Giving is motivated by humans’ deeply held need to find meaning in life.

By Sean Stannard-Stockton | 7 | Mar. 12, 2008


Review: Grassroots Philanthropy

Reviewed By Peter deCourcy Hero | Mar. 10, 2008