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Social Entrepreneurship

CauseFests: Philanthropy’s New Marketplace

A report from the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative and Social Good Summit—the trading floors of the new philanthrocapitalism.

By Marcia Stepanek | 1 | Sep. 26, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East

By Christopher M. Schroeder | 1 | Aug. 13, 2013


Creating a Common Language for Cross-sector Collaboration

A framework for visualizing problems and a common language for talking about them can make all the difference.

By Sandra Bates | 1 | Jul. 12, 2013

Civil Society

Civil Society and Significant Change—Are We Ready?

Given the scope and urgency of the many changes facing the social sector, it’s time to build new bridges for cross-sector and cross-generation learning.

By Bonnie Koenig | 7 | Jun. 21, 2013

Impact Investing

Aligning Interests in Impact Investing

If we want to develop a new industry, alignment of interests is critical for long-term success.

By Daniel Izzo | Jun. 13, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

The Past and Future of Social Entrepreneurship (Complimentary)

Presented by Roger Martin, Leticia M. Jáuregui Casanueva, Soraya Salti, & Johanna Mair | Jun. 11, 2013


Forging Ahead with Cross-Sector Innovations

By Won-Soon Park | May. 15, 2013


The Innovator’s Opportunity

Many people think that the term “government innovation” is an oxymoron, but innovation does occur in the public sector and the pace is accelerating.

By Eric Nee | 2 | May. 15, 2013

Human Rights

The Fight Against Human Trafficking



Stop Funding Duplicative Projects

By Christine E. Sherry | 5 | May. 15, 2013