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Technology & Design

Clouds and InfoStructure

Cloud-based tools encourage greater collaboration, allowing us to re-imagine problems and develop new solutions to tackle social problems.

By Lucy Bernholz | Apr. 9, 2010

Social Entrepreneurship

Less What, More How: A Review of Nilofer Merchant’s The New How

A review of The New How: Creating Business Solutions through Collaborative Strategy , a book on how to create and implement high-impact strategies for social entrepreneurship.

By Peter Deitz | Mar. 22, 2010


Crowdsourcing Social Change

A look at examples of high-impact crowdsourcing and the movement for more open collaboration and transparency in the giving sector.

By Marcia Stepanek | 2 | Mar. 16, 2010

Nonprofit Management

For Collaboration Geeks: The Lodestar Database on Collaboration Models Is Up and Running!

A new database resource offers nonprofit leaders the chance to search and explore successful collaboration strategies already being used in the field.

By Jean Butzen | 1 | Feb. 18, 2010


Federal Bailout Spending Creates Public/Private Collaboration Opportunities

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is an example of government collaboration.

By Jean Butzen | Nov. 17, 2009

Platforms for Collaboration

By Satish Nambisan | May. 21, 2009

Q & A: Judith Rodin

By Eric Nee | 2 | May. 21, 2009

Data Mining from The Collaboration Prize Applicants

Collaboration Prize competition entries prove a rich resource for nonprofit mergers.

By Jean Butzen | Apr. 10, 2009

Interview Collaboration Prize Co-Winners

Interview with Abby Suckow and Connie Torrey, Collaboration Prize co-winners from the JCC and YMCA of the Greater Toledo area.

By Jean Butzen | Mar. 19, 2009

Prizes for Nonproft Mergers and Partnerships

An account of the recipients of the Lodestar Foundation and the Arizona-Indiana-Michigan Alliance (AIM)'s prize for the best nonprofit collaboration in the country.

By Jean Butzen | Jan. 20, 2009