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Nonprofit Management

Leveraging a Movement Moment

By Lori Bartczak | Feb. 19, 2014

Nonprofit Management

Leading Indicators

By Adrienne Day | Feb. 19, 2014


Partnering for Peace Through Education

How a family foundation identified the nonprofit V-Day as a partner to create a new kind of scholarship program.

By Suzanne Skees | 1 | Feb. 14, 2014


Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Change

By Chris Ertel & Lisa Kay Solomon | 3 | Feb. 11, 2014

Rereading “Collective Impact”: Three Lessons

Fresh insights gleaned from the article that started it all.

By Chris Thompson | 13 | Feb. 3, 2014


Building Transparency Momentum

A local initiative offers lessons on how to use collaboration, experimentation, and forward-thinking to create a culture of innovation.

By Aspen Baker | Feb. 3, 2014

Socially Responsible Business

Engaging Underserved Consumers Through Community Groups

Eight community group-business partnership models for reaching underserved consumers.

By Elwood M. Hopkins | Jan. 27, 2014


Collective Impact: Funder, Heal Thyself

Thoughts on recent local and national funder conversations.

By Ken Thompson | 10 | Jan. 15, 2014


Converting Funder Collaboration into Collective Impact

A new report shares findings on the impact of funder collaboratives in Northeast Ohio and offers tactical suggestions for other regions interested in sparking economic growth.


Measuring Backbone Contributions to Collective Impact

Part two in a series on how backbone organizations shape the work of collective impact without formal authority.