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Civil Society

Social Work as a Social Wedge

By Adrienne Day | Aug. 13, 2014


Sharing Healthcare Innovation in Asia

A report from the Elsevier Conference on Health Systems in Asia at the National University of Singapore.

By Zeena Johar | Jan. 10, 2014


Lessons in Forging Global Change


Socially Responsible Business

Sustainability Leadership: From Global to Local

Who will lead the move towards a sustainable future—the United States, Europe, China?

By Joe Zammit-Lucia | 1 | Oct. 9, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

Impact Economy Lesson from Rural China

Building an impact economy at scale can help ensure that success and opportunity become the norm for children not the exception.

By Rob Wyse | 2 | Jun. 17, 2013


Delivery Lessons from China

Public-private partnerships can help optimize supply chains in the social sector.

By Dambisa Moyo | Apr. 17, 2013

Economic Development

China’s Quest to Adopt Electric Vehicles



The Emergence of Philanthropy in China

A report from the first-ever China Philanthropy Forum.

By Jenna Nicholas | 3 | Jan. 18, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

The Development of Civil Society in China

A look at new research on philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing in China.

By Jenna Nicholas | 2 | Oct. 1, 2012


Philanthropy in China: The Time Is Now

Three guidelines for philanthropists, foundations, and nonprofits that want to use philanthropy as a means for impact in China.

By Katherine Miller | 3 | Sep. 17, 2012