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28 Days of Black Nonprofit Leaders: Erica Hunt

In honor of Black History Month, this blog will highlight 28 black nonprofit leaders who are working to make our world a better and more hopeful place for generations to come.

By Rosetta Thurman | Feb. 3, 2010

Color Blindness Is Shortsighted

By Alana Conner | May. 21, 2009


Not Racing to Help

By Alana Conner | Mar. 5, 2009

Creating the Safe Space to Talk About Race in the Nonprofit Sector

Just because we now have a president of color does not mean we should take the topic of diversity off our agenda.

By Rosetta Thurman | Feb. 27, 2009

Why I Wish Nonprofits Would Stop Using the Word “Minorities”

"We’ve got to stop using the word 'minorities' to describe the communities we serve. It doesn’t have any value. It never has."

By Rosetta Thurman | 3 | Feb. 12, 2009

15 Minutes with Martin Eakes

By Eric Nee | 5 | Jun. 15, 2008

Philanthropy Doesn’t Care About Black People

It's high time for the nonprofit sector to put race on the table.

By Rosetta Thurman | 60 | Oct. 22, 2007


Diversity Training Doesn’t Work

By Alana Conner Snibbe | Nov. 17, 2006

Socially Responsible Business

15 Minutes with Margaret Henningsen

By Anne Stuhldreher | Dec. 1, 2005

Individual Giving

Along the Generational Divide

By Alana Conner Snibbe | Jun. 1, 2005