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Innovations in the way that organizations use civil disobedience, protests, and other forms of activism to advance social progress


Civil Society

Spreading Protest Tactics

By Corinna Wu | Nov. 14, 2012

Technology & Design

Slacktivism: A Serious Game to Play

The rise of mass participation in online protest campaigns is presenting firms and organizations with new challenges in terms of how to respond. A new game has the potential to increase awareness within organizations and help managers become social media savvy.



Keeping Climate Change Out of the Presidential Campaign

The complete absence of climate change from the first two presidential debates was the best thing that could have happened to the cause.

By Joe Zammit-Lucia | 4 | Oct. 17, 2012


Regionalizing US Food Systems

Exploring the role of regional models—takeaways from the University of Vermont’s first-ever food systems summit.

By Cynthia Belliveau | 2 | Aug. 23, 2012


Giving Wisely When Time is of the Essence

The importance of a nonprofit’s impact when choosing where to donate, and the top high-impact organizations working in international emergency response.

By Erinn Andrews | Jul. 23, 2012

Technology & Design

Gaming with a Purpose

Serious games tap into the same culture of online friendship from social networking to fuel peer involvement and encourage collaboration around real-world challenges.

By William Brindley | Jul. 9, 2012

Technology & Design

Egypt’s No. 1 Net Activist

Reviewed By Micah Sifry | May. 16, 2012

Human Rights

Make Culture Change, Not War

The fight for rights needs the fight for culture change.

By Eric Friedenwald-Fishman | 5 | Mar. 12, 2012

Civil Society

A Platform Worth Spreading

Finger-wagging critics have missed the most provocative component of the TED empire.

By Courtney Martin | 3 | Mar. 9, 2012

Human Rights

Activists by Another Name

Reviewed By Alana Conner | Feb. 15, 2012