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Innovation for a Complex World

This special supplement includes seven articles by Judith Rodin and others, sharing global perspectives on how social innovation can promote the well-being of humanity.

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Innovation for the Next 100 Years

The president of the Rockefeller Foundation explains what social innovation means to the foundation and how it is preparing for the next 100 years.


Civil Society

Social Innovation and Resilience: How One Enhances the Other

Social innovations must take into account the complexity of social problems and foster solutions resilient enough to adapt and survive.


Economic Development

Social Innovation Creates Prosperous Societies

The old paradigm of government aid is inadequate. What's needed are innovative solutions that foster sustainable economic growth.


Nonprofit Management

Innovate and Scale: A Tough Balancing Act

Organizations need the ability to both scale up successful innovations and create new ones, even those that challenge the status quo.



Forging Ahead with Cross-Sector Innovations

The mayor of Seoul, Korea, recounts his path to government office and explains why social innovation is central to the way that he governs.


Economic Development

Tapping the Entrepreneurial Potential of Grassroots Innovation

Instead of treating poor people as a sink of public aid and assistance, we should view them as a source of new ideas and innovations.


Nonprofit Management

Embracing the Paradoxes of Innovation

Innovation is necessary to further social progress, and yet the challenges and paradoxes inherent in the endeavor cannot be avoided.