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Innovative ways to improve access to water resources


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Social Entrepreneurship

Delivering Clean Water Using Solar-Powered Pipelines

In this podcast, Benjamin describes TOHL’s rise to be a global industry leader in water logistics and infrastructure, and how it has been changing lives in the process.

Featuring Benjamin Cohen | 1 | Oct. 23, 2014 | 32 minutes

Food, Water, and Energy

In this audio lecture, Dr. Ann Bartuska of the U.S. Department of Agriculture shares her insight on the necessary steps to sustainably feed the nine billion people that will be living on our planet by 2050.

Featuring Ann Bartuska | 1 | Jul. 17, 2012 | 21 minutes


Sustainable Water Treatment

How can a young nonprofit organization make a tangible improvement in people's health through clean water using only the power of gravity?

Featuring Daniel Smith | Mar. 23, 2012 | 28 minutes


Environmental Sustainability with World Water

Experts discuss why there are so few investments in water, where the opportunities lie for entrepreneurs and information technology, and what cleantech startups need to know about this sector.

Featuring an MIT/Stanford Venture Lab Event Panel | Jun. 27, 2011 | 78 minutes
Rajesh Shah, a 2010 Tech Award winner, on social entrepreneurship


The Peer Water Exchange: A Platform for Change

Rajesh Shah, a 2010 Tech Award winner, shares his social entrepreneurship model that leverages technology, new media, and peer interaction to solve the water crisis.

Featuring Rajesh Shah | Apr. 29, 2011 | 29 minutes
 A Single Drop for Safe Water Executive Director Kevin Lee on social entrepreneurship and global health


Safe Water in Communities

A Single Drop for Safe Water Executive Director Kevin Lee, a 2010 Tech Award winner, describes ASDSW's work in the Philippines and beyond.

Featuring Kevin Lee | Mar. 31, 2011 | 25 minutes
UCLA Anderson School of Management Professor Noah Goldstein on social responsibility


The Role of Social Norms in Energy and Water Conservation

UCLA Professor Noah Goldstein discusses how the power of social norms can been used to promote energy conservation and other prosocial outcomes.

Featuring Noah J. Goldstein | Jan. 3, 2011 | 38 minutes
 ITT Corporation’s Colin Sabol on water availability and social responsibility in investing


The World’s Water Infrastructure Challenge

ITT Corporation’s Colin Sabol talks about the urgent need for investments in water and sanitation infrastructure.

Featuring Colin Sabol | 2 | Oct. 27, 2010 | 0:31:00

NewSchools Venture Summit

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Chairman of the House Committee on Education George Miller, address the NewSchools Summit 2010.

Featuring Arne Duncan and George Miller | Oct. 7, 2010 |