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Innovations in environmental protection



Lessons Learned From Walking to the North and South Poles

Robert Swan, an inspirational speaker who founded 2041 and the first man to walk to both global poles, addresses his audience about the relationship between passion and reaching goals.

Featuring Robert Swan | Oct. 19, 2014 | 24 minutes


What California Can Teach Washington

At the 2013 Stanford Center for Social Innovation’s 2013 Conradin Von Gugelberg Memorial Lecture, Nichols addresses CA's cap-and-trade system and what it means for our environment.

Featuring Mary Nichols | Oct. 6, 2014 | 1 hour 21 minutes

Socially Responsible Business

Leveraging Social Innovation

Social innovations in supply chains have the potential for making an impact on a large scale. Experts describe innovations that are benefiting society and delivering economic value.

Featuring Lakshmi Karan, Nina Smith, Steven Rockhold, & Dara O'Rourke | 1 | Apr. 7, 2014 | 1 hour 11 minutes


Environmental Sustainability in China Advanced Through Supply Chain Transparency

Ma Jun, Director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, describes the positive results achieved through the China Water Pollution Map.

Featuring Ma Jun | Apr. 7, 2014 | 50 minutes


Environmental Sustainability through “Waste to Worth” Vision

Jill Boughton, CEO of Sustainable WasteResources International, discusses environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Featuring Jill Boughton | Apr. 4, 2014 | 37 minutes


Why Small Does Not Equal Powerless

An increased demand for energy means an increased need for environmental sustainability. Where does economic development fit in?

Featuring Katie Hill | Feb. 6, 2014 | 07 minutes


Social Entrepreneurship and Cocoa Farmers

TCHO company executive John Kehoe talks about the firm's goals in producing high-end products and helping farmers in developing countries.

Featuring John Kehoe | Jan. 31, 2014 | 38 minutes

Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability, Responsible Corporate Citizenship

Employing social enterprise to improve packaging, Coca-Cola uses renewable resources and recycling projects to enhance environmental sustainability and international development.

Featuring Alexander B. Cummings | Aug. 16, 2013 | 46 minutes

Socially Responsible Business

Redefining Consumerism: Innovations in Product Sustainability

Today's consumers do not use resources efficiently. But a new model could change how we buy and what we throw away.

Featuring Andy Ruben | Jul. 30, 2013 | 27 minutes


Corporate Social Responsibility Is Essential to Environmental Sustainability

In this audio lecture, Mr. Gore shares insights on leadership and climate crisis solutions, and identifies the need market reforms.

Featuring Al Gore | Jul. 15, 2013 | 50 minutes