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Economic Development


Social innovations that improve the living standards of the poor


Economic Development

Turning Poison into Economic Opportunity

Arup SenGupta speaks about his project to eliminate arsenic from groundwater without the use of electricity or chemicals.

Featuring Arup SenGupta | Feb. 28, 2014 | 28 minutes


Quality and Innovation as the Basis for Sustainability

John Kehoe discusses how the chocolate maker TCHO has encouraged social entrepreneurship in developing countries through innovative supply chain practices.

Featuring John Kehoe | Feb. 6, 2014 | 10 minutes


Why Small Does Not Equal Powerless

An increased demand for energy means an increased need for environmental sustainability. Where does economic development fit in?

Featuring Katie Hill | Feb. 6, 2014 | 07 minutes

Economic Development

New Models to End Extreme Poverty

Jake Harriman, founder and CEO of Nuru International, traces his personal path towards sustainable solutions to poverty.

Featuring Jake Harriman | Jul. 11, 2013 | 42 minutes

Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in Service to Economic Growth

Entrepreneurship concentrating on scientific collaborations and innovations is the key to fostering sustainable economic growth.

Featuring Paul Kedrosky | Nov. 27, 2012 | 11 minutes
 Thomas Barry, founder of the Zephyr Management investment firm, on opportunities for social enterprise in Africa.

Impact Investing

Investing in Africa

Thomas Barry, founder of the Zephyr Management investment firm, discusses widespread opportunities for private equity investment in Africa.

Featuring Thomas Barry | 1 | Sep. 19, 2011 | 35 minutes
Thomas Gibian, Chairman of Emerging Capital Partners on socially responsible companies and investments in Africa.

Impact Investing

Private Equity in Africa

Thomas Gibian, Chairman of Emerging Capital Partners, discusses the success of his organization in investing in companies across the African continent through seven funds.

Featuring Thomas Gibian | 1 | Sep. 1, 2011 | 26 minutes
COO of Bats'il Maya Alberto Irezabal on the social environment in Chiapas and his nonprofit

Economic Development

Bringing Fair Trade to Indigenous Farmers

COO of Bats'il Maya Alberto Irezabal talks about the social environment in Chiapas that led to the founding of the organization, and how the co-op works.

Featuring Alberto Irezabal | May. 11, 2011 | 20 minutes


Using Public-Private Partnerships to Resolve Asia’s Water Crisis

Asia's water systems are struggling in the face of climate change; a significant water availability gap seems imminent.

Featuring Arjun Thapan | Nov. 7, 2010 | 21 minutes

Socially Responsible Business

Lawrence Jackson - Environmental Sustainability for Cheap

For Wal-Mart, social responsibility includes keeping products affordable to the millions of low- and middle-income consumers who form the bulk of its customer base. In this University podcast, Lawrence Jackson, former Wal-Mart president,  brings the perspectives of someone who grew up in inner city Washington, D.C., to ask a Stanford audience at the 2007 Responsible Supply Chains Conference whether pushing for social and environmental responsibility in business is a racially and economically segregated movement.

Nov. 17, 2007 | 00:50:13