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Civil Society


Social innovations that enrich society and enhance democratic participation



Promoting Civic Engagement and Voting

Organizations are finding that subtle changes in language make a difference in how people vote.

Featuring Todd Rogers | Aug. 8, 2012 | 45 minutes

Civil Society

The Civic Impact of Youth Volunteerism

McAdam reviews two follow-up studies of youth activists, and assesses the experiences and their long-term effects on volunteers.

Featuring Doug McAdam | Jun. 4, 2012 | 74 minutes
CraigConnects founder Craig Newmark on aligning nonprofits to increase efficacy


Connecting Nonprofits

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark tells us about how he started CraigConnects, chose areas to support, and selected nonprofits to focus on.

Featuring Craig Newmark | Jun. 19, 2011 | 9 minutes


Using Public-Private Partnerships to Resolve Asia’s Water Crisis

Asia's water systems are struggling in the face of climate change; a significant water availability gap seems imminent.

Featuring Arjun Thapan | Nov. 7, 2010 | 21 minutes


Closing Achievement Gaps

How the civil rights and education reform movements are similar.

Featuring Mike Feinberg, Howard Fuller, Kati Haycock, Rebecca Nieves Huffman, & Remington Wiley | Sep. 14, 2010 | 51 minutes


Scaling Impact in Education

Education entrepreneurs share how innovative ideas, models, and policies may be focused and scaled so that more children can get the education they deserve.

Featuring Susan Colby, Eva Moskowitz, Larry Berger, Alexandra (Alex) Bernadotte, & Jon Schnur | Sep. 6, 2010 | 1 hour 14 minutes

Civil Society

Future of the Health Care Reform

Experts from medical and public health fields offer opinions on the Affordable Health Care Act.

Featuring Alain Enthoven, Alan Garber, Daniel Kessler, & Philip A. Pizzo | Aug. 16, 2010 | 1 hour 25 minutes

Civil Society

Dan Burden - Environmental Sustainability in Walking Cities

Dan Burden has studied and defined what makes for a pedestrian-friendly community. Even more important, he knows why such places are so valuable for everyone—walkers and drivers alike. In this audio lecture, Burden discusses why walkability is crucial to the sustainability of communities, and what they can do to encourage it.

Mar. 8, 2009 | 01:03:22