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Audio lectures brought to you by Social Innovation Conversations, co-hosted by Stanford Social Innovation Review's Managing Editor Eric Nee.

Scott Ullman - Introduction to Fundraising Planning (Part I)

In this audio lecture, Scott Ullman walks his audience of nonprofit executives gathered at the 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp through the steps of planning a fundraising campaign, including how to integrate fundraising into the day-to-day activities of a nonprofit organization.  This program is geared to people who have never undertaken a fundraising plan before, but offers great advice for anyone looking to sharpen their strategy.

Oct. 1, 2006 | 00:33:59

Van Jones - Nonprofit Boot Camp Keynote

Nurturing a fledgling nonprofit takes dedication, focus, and maybe even a few miracles. In this audio lecture, Van Jones offers a compelling look at life in the nonprofit sector, sharing his own story and some key tips for making a real difference. Collaboration, communication, tenacity, integrity, and irrational exuberance are just a few of the qualities needed to grow a good idea into a sustainable force for social progress.

Sep. 24, 2006 | 00:40:49

Innovation in Public Education - Bridging the Gap 2005

In this panel discussion, entrepreneurs in the field of education talk about how to work with the market and apply business practices and frameworks to the problem of urban education reform. Their lessons have relevance in areas ranging from teaching to administration, and from recruitment to organizational design.

Sep. 24, 2006 | 00:55:50

Darian Rodriguez Heyman - Bay Area Non Profit Boot Camp - Welcome

Nonprofit Boot Camp is Craigslist Foundation's premiere educational program, designed to empower the next generation of nonprofit leaders. In this opening keynote, Darian Rodriguez Heyman and Charlie Crystle kick off the 2006 San Francisco Bay Area Bootcamp with a warm welcome and an overview of the conference's nine educational tracks. The program is overflowing with practical wisdom to help budding social entrepreneurs succeed in their mission and manage their organizations more effectively.

Sep. 24, 2006 | 00:25:37

Corporate Social Responsibility - Bridging the Gap Panel

In the past few years, several international reporting standards have emerged. But are they actually changing corporate behavior? With particular emphasis on labor standards, this panel discussion explores the effectiveness of current efforts to monitor and improve labor conditions abroad, the role of verification groups, and practical challenges faced by companies in implementing guidelines.

Sep. 17, 2006 | 01:10:04

Amory Lovins - Hero for the Planet

Talking with Globeshakers host Tim Zak, Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute argues that the United States can operate on a fourth of the energy it now uses, while still providing the same or better services. This may seem far-fetched, but Lovins has been accused of taking off on flights of fancy before, though time has a remarkable way of proving his assertions correct.

Sep. 15, 2006 | 00:36:24

High Impact Careers in Nonprofits - Bridging the Gap Panel

Do you want to have a measurable social impact without giving up a challenging and rewarding career path? Speakers provide a range of perspectives on high-quality jobs in the nonprofit sector. The panel discussion, from Bridging the Gap, the Stanford 2005 Net Impact Conference organized by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, dispels the myth that MBAs going into nonprofits can't have successful, high-profile careers.

Sep. 10, 2006 | 01:04:54

Oliver Foot - The Next Generation of Global Health Workers

In 1982, ophthalmologist Oliver Foot founded Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, a unique mobile teaching facility housed in a DC-10 jet aircraft. In this audio interview With Globeshakers host Tim Zak, he discusses how his organization brings dedicated eye care professionals to the developing world to restore eyesight through surgery and other treatments.

Sep. 10, 2006 | 00:45:16

Measuring Social Impact - Bridging the Gap Conference

Measuring the social impact created by philanthropic projects has forever been the nonprofit sector's philosopher's stone. This panel discussion, at the Stanford 2005 Net Impact Conference sponsored by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, highlights innovative examples of measurement systems and explores some of the complex problems that arise when attempting to apply metrics to social impact.

Sep. 2, 2006 | 01:16:29

Expecting Returns - Bridging the Gap Conference

For years, many believed that socially responsible investments could simply not hold up to traditional investments. In this panel discussion from the Stanford 2005 Net Impact Conference, organized by the Stanford Business School, social capital market experts dispel the myths associated with socially responsible investing, and look toward the future of what is to come as more and more funds offer social choices.

Aug. 27, 2006 | 01:02:13