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Kay Sprinkel Grace - Craigslist Boot Camp Keynote

Mission, vision, and values are the essential ingredients of a transformational process that brings philanthropists and organizations together to meet critical community needs. Kay Sprinkel Grace approaches fundraising with an attitude of pride and power. In this audio lecture, she explains how donors are inspired to invest in an organization that communicates shared beliefs by taking real action to benefit those in need.

Oct. 28, 2006 | 00:45:19

Alice Tepper Marlin - Architect of Corporate Responsibility

Alice Tepper Marlin created some of the most innovative models for corporate social responsibility. Her energetic work over decades has helped provide concrete research and practical methods for bringing companies, investors, consumers, and workers together to address issues of environmental and economic justice worldwide. In this audio lecture, Tepper Marlin traces her own history from her early days on Wall Street to her ongoing work in the not-for-profit sector, providing blueprints for social entrepreneurs.

Oct. 22, 2006 | 00:48:02

Mal Warwick - Messaging to Win Supporters for Your Cause

Clear communication is the key to informing and inspiring supporters for any cause. Based on his years of experience helping nonprofits succeed, Mal Warwick shares with his 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp audience some tried-and-true methods for getting the message across. As emphasized in this audio lecture, good research and some well-chosen words and images can help an organization articulate its vision and sharpen its unique identity in order to excite contributors and let them know their money will be well spent.

Oct. 22, 2006 | 01:00:11

Capital Markets and Green Companies - Net Impact 2005

As the market demands more products and services that address social and environmental issues, what are the various challenges faced by green companies in securing capital funding? How will initial investments affect the future success of these companies? Discover how venture capitalists envision the role of capital markets in green companies in this panel discussion from Bridging the Gap, the Stanford 2005 Net Impact conference organized by the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Oct. 22, 2006 | 00:43:35

David La Piana - Tools for Collaboration and Competition

The nonprofit world can be a surprisingly competitive place with players keenly striving to distinguish themselves and win scarce dollars. Being an effective competitor as well as a good collaborator can help drive a nonprofit's social mission and improve long-term success. In this audio lecture, consultant David La Piana shares his own experiences with a 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp audience and gives advice on the continuous strategic planning needed for an organization to build its competitive advantage without compromising core values.

Oct. 15, 2006 | 01:16:43

Panel Discussion - Bridging the Gap Conference

From clean water to disease control and global climate change, a new breed of business people is designing sustainable solutions to promote international development and reduce global poverty. Hear from the leaders in this panel discussion about how they are applying business discipline to improve livelihood in many different nations.

Oct. 15, 2006 | 01:19:17

Bill Drayton - Entrepreneur for Society

An entrepreneur combines the vision to see the next thing over the horizon with the restless energy and problem-solving skills needed to set that change in motion. These qualities are shared by business and social entrepreneurs alike, representing a positive force that can help address the world's toughest problems. In this audio lecture, Bill Drayton takes a thoughtful look at Ashoka's mission and highlights its programs designed to nurture the current and future generations of talented entrepreneurs making a difference all over the world.

Oct. 14, 2006 | 00:46:32

Vyomesh Joshi - The HP Way and Bottom Line Results

Vyomesh Joshi is an executive vice president at Hewlett-Packard who has helped lead the company to success over the past 25 years. In this audio lecture, Joshi discusses how HP is integrating social and environmental responsibility into its bottom line with efforts such as a program to retrieve and recycle 200 million pounds of used inkjet and LaserJet printer cartridge paraphernalia each year.

Oct. 8, 2006 | 01:14:05

Cherie Evans - So You Want to Start a Nonprofit?

Along with clear tax benefits, starting a nonprofit means forms to file, rules to follow, and records to keep. How do you obtain public charity status?  What are the pros and cons?  Are there other options? In this audio lecture, corporate tax attorney Cherie Evans provides a step-by-step guide on the legal aspects of setting up and running a charitable organization to her 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp audience.

Oct. 8, 2006 | 00:59:37

Scott Ullman - Introduction to Fundraising Planning (Part II)

In this audio lecture recorded at the 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp, Scott Ullman provides a wealth of practical information and how-tos for developing a fundraising campaign.  Concrete examples based on a successful nonprofit illustrate both the day-to-day operations and the leadership skills needed to guide any organization towards good planning habits, successful execution, and a sustainable fundraising strategy.

Oct. 2, 2006 | 00:39:16