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Nonprofit Management

The Nature of the Future: From Institutions to Amplified Individuals

Technology can enable micro-contributions that allow individuals to accomplish difficult tasks in place of institutional approaches.

Featuring Marina Gorbis | May. 21, 2014 | 1 hour 09 minutes

The Science Behind Compassion

Dr. James Doty highlights our "compassion deficit" and the need to recognize the societal and individual benefits of altruism.

Featuring James Doty | May. 12, 2014 | 1 hour 13 minutes

Starting A RYOT In Traditional News

Host Ned Breslin speaks with the RYOT founders about their plans to disrupt traditional media by allowing people to “Become the News.”

Featuring David Darg, Bryn Mooser, & Ned Breslin | May. 8, 2014 | 22 minutes

Nonprofit Management

The Whole World In Our Hands

From the 2013 Nonprofit Management Institute, Kenyon explains how the intersection of mobile, social, and technology is changing nonprofits.

Featuring John Kenyon | Apr. 25, 2014 | 1 hour 7 minutes


Achieve Great Things: The Art and Science of Aspirational Narrative

In his 2013 Nonprofit Management Institute talk, Doug Hattaway outlines the components of effective campaigns: an exciting goal, motivational language, and compelling call to action.

Featuring Doug Hattaway | Apr. 23, 2014 | 1 hour 20 minutes

Socially Responsible Business

Social Enterprise Enables Hazelnut Farming in Bhutan

The supply chain is just as important as the product. A social entrepreneur describes his experience dealing with value-creating tools and ensuring corporate social responsibility.

Featuring Daniel Spitzer | 1 | Apr. 15, 2014 | 41 minutes

Social Entrepreneurship

Rodney Mullen: Innovation Doesn’t Exist In A Vacuum

Innovation can exist in even the most unlikely forms. A professional skateboarder and the CEO of a social enterprise discuss the intersection of their two fields.

Featuring Rodney Mullen & Ned Breslin | Apr. 15, 2014 | 23 minutes

Socially Responsible Business

Leveraging Social Innovation

Social innovations in supply chains have the potential for making an impact on a large scale. Experts describe innovations that are benefiting society and delivering economic value.

Featuring Lakshmi Karan, Nina Smith, Steven Rockhold, & Dara O'Rourke | 1 | Apr. 7, 2014 | 1 hour 11 minutes


Environmental Sustainability in China Advanced Through Supply Chain Transparency

Ma Jun, Director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, describes the positive results achieved through the China Water Pollution Map.

Featuring Ma Jun | Apr. 7, 2014 | 50 minutes


Environmental Sustainability through “Waste to Worth” Vision

Jill Boughton, CEO of Sustainable WasteResources International, discusses environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Featuring Jill Boughton | Apr. 4, 2014 | 37 minutes