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Winter 2014

Volume 12, Number 1

The idea of “doing good and doing well” has become a mantra for many business people. In the winter 2014 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review we feature insightful articles on two of the most innovative and popular ways of achieving these goals. “The Paradox of Fair Trade,” by Manel Modelo, explores the recent schism in the fair trade movement, and “Inside the Buy-One Give-One Model” by Christopher Marquis and Andrew Park examines the business model popularized by Toms Shoes.

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Social Entrepreneurship

Inside the Buy-One Give-One Model

The buy-one give-one model popularized by TOMS shoes is growing in popularity and in its social impact.



Lessons in Forging Global Change

The successful 15-year campaign to eliminate mercury-based medical devices provides lessons for others creating large-scale social change.



The Paradox of Fair Trade

In 2011, a rift opened within the fair trade movement. What are the tensions that drove otherwise like-minded activists to form rival camps.


Social Entrepreneurship

Social Innovation From the Inside Out

Through "inscaping," people in a social purpose organization can excel at developing new ideas and practices. Includes special online extras.


What's Next

Technology & Design

Libraries as Laboratories

In Accra, Ghana, social entrepreneurs are working to reinvent the public library for the 21st century.


Human Rights

Blurred Images, Better Futures

Software from a group called Ultrasafe Ultrasound promises to make it harder to practice sex-selective abortion.


Urban Development

Helping Cities Remain Strong

A $100 million foundation initiative aims to foster urban resilience in the face of disaster.



The Science of Donor Connection

A state-of-the-art database gives nonprofit leaders a tool for building relationships with potential funders.


Field Report


Dressed to Thrive

Fitted for Work gives women what they need—from a new look to a new skill set—to advance in their careers.

By Corey Binns | 1


An Rx for Surplus Meds

The Dispensary of Hope is distributing unused pharmaceuticals to patients who need them.


Economic Development

Filling Out the Middle

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs targets a "missing" segment in emerging economies.


Nonprofit Management

Under One Roof

By bringing people together and by pooling resources, the Housing Partnership network expands the range of affordable places to live.


Case Study


Socially Responsible Business

How the Hub Found Its Center

After a period of crisis and transition, Impact Hub has emerged as an organization that is partly a movement, partly a business, and partly a network.




Civil Society

Beyond Diplomacy

Civil society organizations are dramatically changing how countries bring an end to violent political conflict.

By Derek Brown | 1


CHANGE Takes Time

The long, hard struggle to alter US policy on HIV/AIDS assistance shows that advocacy can deliver a real payoff.


Socially Responsible Business

Subsidizing Impact

The right formula for creating a socially beneficial enterprise often includes a strong dose of up-front philanthropic support



A Field of Its Own

After many years of operating on others' academic turf, nonprofit studies is ready to claim new ground.




Technology & Design

The Call of Violence

In parts of the world, expanding cell-phone coverage brings with it an increase in violent activity.


Civil Society

The Power of Being Seen

People are more apt to behave in socially responsible ways when they think that others might take notice.


Socially Responsible Business

Off-the-Shelf or Do-It-Yourself?

How a company supports employee voluntarism depends on whether it participates in certain kinds of external networks.



Mapping Word of Mouth

Spreading messages in remote villages is a matter of understanding the patterns by which villagers connect with each other.





Stories out of School

The movement to reform public schools through competition and testing is a "hoax," according to a one-time promoter of the movement.

Reviewed By Mara Sapon-Shevin

Urban Development

Saviors at City Hall?

Urban leaders offer a model for tackling big global problems that nation-states are failing to address.

Reviewed By Milton Friesen | 2


A Man of His Time

The founder of the Worldwatch Institute and the Earth Policy Institute pursues an unfinished agenda.

Reviewed By Teresa Odendahl

Socially Responsible Business

A Get-Rich Way to Help the Poor

There's money to be made by selling "ruthlessly affordable" products to the world's 2.7 billion poorest people.

Reviewed By Tina Sciabica | 2

Last Look

Human Rights

Immigrating to a New Land

Every year nonprofits and government agencies partner to help resettle the more than one million new immigrants to the United States.