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Winter 2012

Volume 10, Number 1

The winter 2012 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review features a varied collection of articles on the burgeoning field of impact investing. For a fascinating international perspective on the subject, be sure to read “Roundtable on Impact Investing,” featuring Jacqueline Novogratz from Acumen Fund, Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui from the Mexican microfinance bank Compartmentos Banco, Asad Mahmood from Deutsche Bank, and Iftekhar Enayetullah from the Bangladesh social business Waste Concern.

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Socially Responsible Business

Connecting Heart to Head

Leaders of Alcoa and PUMA, two forward-looking multibillion-dollar global companies, describe a framework for sustainable growth.

By Ram Nidumolu, Kevin Kramer, & Jochen Zeitz


The Rise of Social Capital Market Intermediaries

Donors and grantmakers are allocating money more efficiently, thanks to the emergence of information and funding intermediaries.

By Bill Meehan & Kim Jonker

Nonprofit Management

Five Ways to Navigate the Fiscal Crisis

How human services nonprofits can stay afloat and advance their missions during a time of government cutbacks.

By Daniel Stid & Willa Seldon | 2


Giving 2.0: Getting Together to Give

Giving circles are powerful ways to transform the world while also transforming participants’ giving.

By Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen | 1

What's Next


A Win-Win for Haiti

Partners in Health and Abbott Laboratories are building a new plant in Corporant, Haiti to produce a therapeutic food called Nourimanba.

By Suzie Boss | 1

Nonprofit Management

Engineering Higher Efficiency

Toyota brings its vaunted process improvement method to nonprofits.


Social Entrepreneurship

On-Ramp for Entrepreneurs

Venture for America launches two-year apprenticeships for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Socially Responsible Business

Specialists’ Niche

A Danish company finds jobs for people with autism.


Field Report


A Healthier City

San Francisco’s five-year-old universal health care program sees positive results.

By Meredith May

Technology & Design

Open Source for Humanitarian Action

Ushahidi develops free software that allows volunteers to map humanitarian crises from their mobile phones.

By Brandon Keim


Governing Innovation

New York’s Center for Economic Opportunity tests new antipoverty programs from the mayor’s office.

By Corey Binns | 1

Case Study

Nonprofit Management

Change Comes at a Cost

In 2008, a group of Chicago’s social service agencies formed the Back Office Cooperative, which has produced impressive financial savings. Yet greater efficiency has had a cultural cost.

By Donald Haider & Franz Wohlgezogen | 1


Impact Investing

Impact Investing: What Exactly Is New?

A veteran of the microfinance industry looks at impact investing through the lenses of history, language, and psychology.

By Roger Frank | 3

Measuring Social Impact

Social Impact Markets

Why a market for social innovations is needed now more than ever.

By Andrew Wolk | 1

Social Entrepreneurship

Journey into Brazil’s Social Sector

The founder of the first social fund in Brazil tells his story.

By Leonardo Letelier | 8


Redefining Education in the Developing World

A new approach that builds relevant marketplace, entrepreneurship, and health care skills is needed.

By Mark J. Epstein & Kristi Yuthas | 19


Human Rights

Diversity Opportunities

New research finds that some companies are increasingly pro-diversity and others lag well behind.

By Jessica Ruvinsky

Socially Responsible Business

Making Businesses More Responsible

Corporate sustainability reporting is increasingly mandated by government and the public.


Civil Society

The Evolution of Membership

Membership in organizations is growing, but not what it used to be.

By Jessica Ruvinsky


Giving Blind

Watch dog organizations don't reach most donors.

By Jessica Ruvinsky


Global Diseases, Local Needs

The diseases that get funded tend to be the ones for which funders can take credit.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | 3

Civil Society

Public Services 2.0

Technology can empower citizens to co-create some government services.

By Jessica Ruvinsky



Public Good Politics

Philanthropy in America: A History by Olivier Zunz

Reviewed By Lucy Bernholz
Inside the Fight to
Fix America’s Schools
Steven Brill


Hall of Mirrors

Class Warfare: Inside the Fight to Fix America’s Schools by Steven Brill

Reviewed By Jonathan Schorr
Transforming How
We Make Money
While Making a
Antony Bugg-Levine & Jed

Impact Investing

Shifting the Market

Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference by Antony Bugg-Levine & Jed Emerson

Reviewed By David Chen | 1
Transform Your
Giving and Your World
Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Go-Getters and Givers

Giving 2.0: Transform Your Giving and Our World by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Reviewed By Sally Osberg


Impact Investing

Roundtable on Impact Investing

A group of social innovation leaders from around the world discuss impact investing and how to make it more effective.

By Johanna Mair & Katherine Milligan | 8

Last Look


The Race Against CO2

The Chinese government's new five-year plan calls for increasing the energy efficiency of new buildings.