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Winter 2003

Volume 1, Number 3

In the winter 2003 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review, Chip Heath provides invaluable advice about nonprofit leaders and others can craft a compelling message that people will remember. In “Loud and Clear,” Heath provides six important tips that people can use to create messages that stick. The article was the basis for the best-selling book, Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, written by Chip and his brother Dan Heath.

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Nonprofit Management

Partnerships for Learning

Managing tensions in nonprofit organizations' alliances with corporations.

By Ted London & Dennis Rondinelli


Smart Money

General operating grants can be strategic – for nonprofits and foundations.

By Paul Brest

Nonprofit Management

Loud and Clear

Crafting messages that stick -- What nonprofits can learn from urban legends.

By Chip Heath | 2

Nonprofit Management

To the Rescue

Beating the heroic leadership trap.

By Roger Martin

Field Report


Head of the Class

Eastside Prep balances support and structure in a school for low-income minority students.

By Pehr Luedtke

Economic Development

As Welcome as Can Be

For Manna, the path to affordable housing runs though a peer-support club.

By Vinay Jain

Impact Investing

Rolling Corporate Justice

New mechanism allows private investors to back socially responsible startups.

By Michael Fitzgerald


Behind the Message

Kaiser Foundation and Viacom take on AIDS -- one episode at a time.

By Gabrielle Birkner

Case Study


Steppenwolf’s New Stage

A theater ensemble transforms into a company with a bottom line.

By Tony Proscio & Clara Miller



Resisting Temptations

Lessons on grantmaking.

By Steven A. Schroeder

Nonprofit Management

Fostering High-Quality Connections

How to deal with corrosive relationships at work.

By Jane Dutton | 5


Board Governance

Going Overboard

Are foundations paying trustees too much money?

By Abraham Nachbaur


The Myth of Competition

Governments are trying to expose the public sector to market forces.

By Gerald Burstyn

Individual Giving

Altruism in Disguise

Gifts are not an incentive for donors to give, they're an excuse.

By Vinay Jain


Stealth Welfare

How to create programs that fly under the radar screen of cutbacks.

By Michael Fitzgerald

Economic Development

For Richer, or For Poorer?

Low-income residents of poor towns are underserved by nonprofits.

By Andrew Nelson

Socially Responsible Business

Coming Clean

Firms fare better when they acknowledge self-interest in cause marketing.

By Karen Coppock


Working and Poor

Some families lack the purchasing power to eat well.

By Melinda Sacks


Review: Walking the Talk

Corporate social responsibility can pay big dividends.

Reviewed By David Gal

Nonprofit Management

Review: Toxic Emotions at Work

Organizations need to get better at talking about feelings.

Reviewed By Eric Westendorf

Nonprofit Management

Review: Leading Teams

Baumgarten offers strategies for creating team success.

Reviewed By Jason Baumgarten

Nonprofit Management

Review: What’s the Big Idea?

The authors offer advice on how to spot and move on bright ideas.

Reviewed By Caroline Simard


Social Entrepreneurship

15 Minutes with Jeroo Billimoria

Interview with Jeroo Billimoria, Indian social entrepreneur.

By SSIR editor