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Summer 2011

Volume 9, Number 3

A growing number of corporations are embracing a new way of doing business that puts societal issues at the core of the company’s strategy and operations. This approach—Shared Value—differs from traditional corporate social responsibility, which is often built around regulatory compliance, charitable giving, and reputation building. In the summer 2011 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review we explore this issue with ten business leaders in the article, “Roundtable on Shared Value.”

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Nonprofit Management

The Challenge of Organizational Learning

A recent study found three common barriers to knowledge sharing across nonprofits and their networks, as well as ways and means to overcome them.

By Katie Smith Milway & Amy Saxton | 7

Socially Responsible Business

Achieving Sustainability Through Integrated Reporting

Integrated reporting—the combination of a company’s financial and nonfinancial performance in one document—is a crucial step to creating a more sustainable society.

By Robert G. Eccles & Daniela Saltzman

Nonprofit Management

Local Empowerment Through Rapid Results

Why local ownership and commitment are the exception in most development efforts—and what development professionals can do about this problem.

By Nadim Matta & Peter Morgan


The Elusive Craft of Evaluating Advocacy

There are unconventional methods one can use to evaluate advocacy organizations and make strategic investments in that arena.

By Steven Teles & Mark Schmitt | 4

What's Next


Economic Development

Antipoverty Apps

mPowering has created an app that awards goods and services to individuals facing extreme poverty when they make beneficial choices.

By Suzie Boss | 11


Matchmaking for Philanthropists

Foundation Source Access, the new eHarmony for family foundations, gives smaller donors access to a wide variety of innovative funding opportunities.

By Suzie Boss


Mothers of Invention

Maternova is getting hundreds of life saving innovations to the front lines in developing countries using a new online platform.

By Suzie Boss | 1

Nonprofit Management

Thriving on Failure

Engineers Without Borders’ new website, Admitting Failure, gives new life to “good failures.” It aims to help organizations learn from others’ mistakes.

By Suzie Boss

Field Report

Measuring Social Impact

Amplifying Local Voices

GlobalGiving’s storytelling project turns anecdotes into useful data.

By Suzie Boss | 15


Crowdsourcing Microfinance

The Grameen Foundation’s Bankers Without Borders initiative applies skills-based volunteering to poverty alleviation.

By Kathy O. Brozek

Economic Development

One Acre at a Time

One Acre Fund feeds the world’s poor by helping them feed themselves.

By Corey Binns

Case Study

Economic Development

The Problem with Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade-certified coffee is growing in sales, but strict certification requirements are resulting in uneven economic advantages for coffee growers and lower quality coffee for consumers.

By Colleen Haight | 22


Socially Responsible Business

Being the Only B

The owner of the only certified B Corporation in Kentucky assesses the pros and cons of the certification.

By Terena Bell | 6


Social Innovation in Washington, D.C.

A look at what’s needed next to create the right policy environment for innovation and results.

By Michele Jolin | 3

Economic Development

The Miracle of Financial Inclusion

The founder of the Kashf Foundation argues that microfinance can improve the lives of Pakistan’s next generation.

By Roshaneh Zafar



The Emotions of Aid

“One death is a tragedy; 1 million is a statistic,” Joseph Stalin is supposed to have said. The more people we see suffering, the less we care.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | 3


Doctor in Your Pocket

New and valuable mHealth apps are coming out all the time. What sort of open architecture can support this wave of innovation?

By Jessica Ruvinsky | 1


From Graft to Golf

Lobbying and bribery are both time-honored ways to seek influence, but there is an important difference between them.

By Jessica Ruvinsky

Nonprofit Management

Making the News

The media introduce social movements to the masses, but how do social movements make it into the media?

By Jessica Ruvinsky

Civil Society

The New Bottom Billion

According to a new analysis, most of the world’s poor no longer live in the poorest countries.

By Jessica Ruvinsky


Virtue or Else

Under the EPA’s Audit Policy, violators who voluntarily report themselves can get certain penalties reduced or waived if they commit to ongoing self-regulation.

By Jessica Ruvinsky


The Ethics of
Patricia Illingworth,
Thomas Pogge,
& Leif Wenar


Ethical Philanthropy

Giving Well: The Ethics of Philanthropy by Patricia Illingworth, Thomas Pogge, & Leif Wenar

Reviewed By Chip Pitts | 2
The Science of Human
Nature and the Pursuit
of Social Justice
Peter Corning

Civil Society

Just Instincts

The Fair Society: The Science of Human Nature and the Pursuit of Social Justice by Peter Corning

Reviewed By Roberto De Vogli
New Economics Is
Helping to Solve
Global Poverty
Dean Karlan & Jacob Appel

Economic Development

New School Economics

More Than Good Intentions: How a New Economics Is Helping to Solve Global Poverty by Dean Karlan & Jacob Appel

Reviewed By Kevin Starr | 2
GIVE: The Six
Practices of Donors
Who Change the World
Leslie R. Crutchfield,
John V. Kania, &
Mark R. Kramer


Philanthropic Practices

Do More Than Give: The Six Practices of Donors Who Change the World by Leslie R. Crutchfield, John V. Kania, & Mark R. Kramer

Reviewed By Matthew Bishop | 1
Making Strategic
Decisions for
Financial Viability
Jeanne Bell, Jan Masaoka,
& Steve Zimmerman

Nonprofit Management

The Holy Grail for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability by Jeanne Bell, Jan Masaoka & Steve Zimmerman

Reviewed By Jim Schorr | 2



Socially Responsible Business

Roundtable on Shared Value

Executives from 10 major corporations discuss the innovative ways that they are putting societal issues at the core of their companies’ strategy and operations.

By John Kania & Mark Kramer | 5