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Summer 2003

Volume 1, Number 2

All too often, foundations fail to pay attention to how their endowment money is invested. Instead of finding ways to align their investments with their mission, foundations often invest without any consideration for the impact that their money might have on society. In “Where Money Meets Mission,” in the summer 2003 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review, Jed Emerson provides a powerful argument for why foundations should align their money with their mission.

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The Power of Persuasion

Putting the science of influence to work in fundraising.

By Robert B. Cialdini | 1

Impact Investing

Where Money Meets Mission

Breaking down the firewall between foundation investments and programming.

By Jed Emerson

Nonprofit Management

Strategic Alliances

Managing the collaboration portfolio.

By James Austin


Debunking Charitable Choice

The evidence doesn’t support the political left or right.

By Mark Chaves

Field Report

Socially Responsible Business

One Scoop, Two Bottom Lines

Nonprofits are buying Ben & Jerry’s franchises to help train at-risk youth.

By Ken Yamada

Social Entrepreneurship

Nothing Ventured, Something Gained

When Honest Tea said no to venture capitalists, it waded into uncharted territory.

By Katherine Barr

Nonprofit Management

Leaders Without a Paycheck

New York Cares uses volunteers to recruit and retain other volunteers.

By Victor Wishna | 1


Not-So-Starving Artists

Artists for Humanity students are also employees.

By Vinay Jain

Case Study

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy at Cisco Systems

Aligning business and social interests.

By David Hoyt


Measuring Social Impact

The Peer Yardstick

Measuring success in franchise nonprofit organizations.

By Sacha Litman

Social Entrepreneurship

Credit to the Poor

Muhammad Yunus was getting nowhere in Bangladesh – so he opened his own bank.

By Muhammad Yunus & William Fuller


Impact Investing

The Benefit of Doing Good

The “social discount” may not be as steep as investors think.

By Michael Fitzgerald

Nonprofit Management

Doing Away with Lawyers

New research shows that binding contracts may actually reduce trust.

By J. Magee

Nonprofit Management

Fostering Diversity

Employee network groups keep minority managers on the job.

By Jan Chong


The Knowing Doing Gap

Human services managers are not implementing strategic decisions.

By Gerald Burstyn


Is Foundation Grantmaking Biased?

Social movement and grassroots organizations left in the cold.

By Chris McGarry

Individual Giving

Love, Honor, and Don’t Bargain

When couples haggle over charity, total giving drops.

By Andrew Nelson


The Incredible Shrinking Donor Base

When nonprofits join forces, individuals give less to the cause.

By Rosanne Siino

Civil Society

The Problem with Bowling Alone

Respect, local community involvement, and identity politics.

By Vinay Jain


Economic Development

Review: A New Green Order?

The World Bank's Global Environment Facility may be undermined by bureaucracy.

Reviewed By Tim Perlstein

Nonprofit Management

Review: A Company of Citizens

The answers to a motivated workforce may lie in ancient Greece.

Reviewed By Heidi Natkin

Economic Development

Review: Despite Good Intentions

International development aid should be dissolved, argues Dichter.

Reviewed By David Suarez


Review: Living, Leading, and the American Dream

Collection of essays by nonprofit leader John Gardner.

Reviewed By Bruce Sievers


Nonprofit Management

15 Minutes with John Seffrin

Interview with John Seffrin, CEO of the American Cancer Society.

By SSIR editors