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Spring 2012

Volume 10, Number 2

Social innovations can vary widely from one country or region to another, as demonstrated by two articles in the summer 2012 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review. The cover story, “The Social Enterprise Emerges in China,” shows that the concept of a social enterprise has a different meaning in China than it does in the West. And “Private Schools for the Poor,” an article that details an approach gaining popularity in the developing world, offers a different model for education than the one used in much of the West.

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A Decade of Outcome-Oriented Philanthropy

The outgoing president of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation reflects on the importance of strategic philanthropy.

By Paul Brest | 3


Private Schools for the Poor

All across the developing world, poor parents are investing in low-cost private education for their children—and seeing positive results.

By Josh Kwan | 5

Social Entrepreneurship

The Social Enterprise Emerges in China

Social enterprises are being shaped by cultural and linguistic history, new state approaches to economic and social development, and strategic framing.

By Meng Zhao | 3

The Role of Brand in the Nonprofit Sector

More nonprofits are managing their brands to create greater impact and organizational cohesion.


What's Next

Technology & Design

Data for Change

Data Without Borders matches tech-savy volunteers with organizations instead of data analysis.

By Suzie Boss | 1


Shrinking Your Plastic Footprint

Getting companies to reduce their use of plastic is the focus of the Plastic Disclosure Project.

By Suzie Boss | 1


Litmus Test for Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab helps identify investment-worthy business people in developing countries.


Economic Development

Himalayan Hazelnuts

MHV, a for-profit social enterprise, aims to make Bhutan a large-scale producer of hazelnuts.


Field Report



Better Health Care, Higher Productivity

By providing factory workers with health care training, HERproject reduces absenteeism and turnover at some of the world’s biggest clothing brands.


Technology & Design

Petition Power, a five-year-old San Francisco-based startup, has emerged as one of the leading platforms for online activism.

By Phuong Ly | 1

Socially Responsible Business

Go Local, Go Global

Ekos cosmetics tap Brazil’s rich biodiversity for profits and social good.


Case Study



Microfinance for Wealthy Countries

The UK microcredit business Fair Finance is paving the road for the growth of microfinance in the developed world.




Economic Development

An Agricultural Peace Dividend

In northern Uganda, home to one of Africa’s longest and most brutal civil conflicts, organic farming is producing economic growth and stability.


Economic Development

Can Financial Citizenship Begin at Birth?

The Financial Access at Birth initiative aims to place $100 in an electronic savings
account for every child born in the world.


Nonprofit Management

Getting the Word Out

Nonprofit organizations that provide multiple services can effectively
convey what they do.


Social Entrepreneurship

Journalism is Becoming a Form of Social Entrepreneurship

A new generation of journalists is developing for-profit and nonprofit enterprises to keep citizens informed.


Nonprofit Management

Why More Nonprofits Are Getting Bigger

A recent study found that the number of US nonprofits with annual revenues of more
than $50 million has increased dramatically.





Conformists Boost Creativity

The ideal team needs both creatives and conformists.

By Jessica Ruvinsky

Civil Society

Chinese Community Development

Government authorities are experimenting to build citizen trust.

By Jessica Ruvinsky


Golfing Alone

Corporate donors prefer the opera to the soup kitchen.

By Jessica Ruvinsky

Lone Wolves vs. Teams

Civic associations should focus on policy goals and leadership.

By Jessica Ruvinsky


Cents and Sensibility

Environmental accidents force putting a price on nature.

By Jessica Ruvinsky

Urban Development

Trees Fight Crime

A Philadelphia study connects green spaces to neighborhood safety.

By Jessica Ruvinsky


Everyone_Leads:_Building_Leadership_ from_the_Community_Up_Paul_Schmitz

Civil Society

Pluralistic Leadership

Public Allies CEO Paul Schmitz makes a passionate argument that leadership is not reserved for the minority.

Reviewed By Darell Hammond
Daughters_of_the_Declaration:_How_Women_Social_Entrepreneurs_Built_the_American_Dream_Claire Gaudiani_David_Graham_Burnett

Human Rights

Activists by Another Name

Did American women actually invent social entrepreneurship?

Reviewed By Alana Conner
Xavier de Souza Briggs_The Neighborhood Project: Using Evolution to Improve My City, One Block at a Time_David Sloan Wilson_SSIR

Urban Development

Misapplying Theory

In his latest book, David Sloan Wilson argues that evolutionary theory should be used to illuminate and tackle urban problems.


Economic Development

The Race vs. the Stagnation

Two economists offer opposite explanations about why job growth in the United States and other developed economies remains extremely weak.

Reviewed By Timothy Ogden

Economic Development

The Race vs. the Stagnation

Two economists offer opposite explanations about why job growth in the United States and other developed economies remains extremely weak.

Reviewed By Timothy Ogden | 1




Jeff Skoll

Jeff Skoll is one of the most creative, generous, and effective philanthropists of his time. And at age 47, he’s just getting started.

By Eric Nee | 6

Last Look


Economic Development

Community Empowerment

Emory and Chris Rose are members of a multi-issue nonprofit—SOCM—that tackles health, employment, and environmental issues in the isolated and often struggling coalfield communities of Tennessee.